4 Things The Best Kids Gym in Queens Has to Offer Your Children

Give your children the foundation of fitness, and they will soar. At the best kids gyms in Queens, it should be all about unique activities that make exercise loads of fun and more like playtime. At Kids ‘N Shape, we are proud to say that we offer a place for kids to get their energy out, stay in shape, use their brains, socialize, and have fun all at the same time. If you are a parent looking for a good gym location for your child, look no further! Here are the top four things that Kids ‘N Shape, one of the best kids gyms in Queens, New York offers.

Best Kids Gym In Queens Fitness Foundation

Indoor Bounces Houses

When you think of working out and staying fit, the chances are that bounce houses usually aren’t the first things to come to mind. However, a child can easily lose themselves in the fun of jumping around in a bounce house and get a good workout in without even noticing it happen! At Kids ‘N Shape, we boast a sprawling bounce house complete with slides and lots of room for several children to safely jump around and play at the same time.

Open Space For Sports and Games

In the concrete jungle that is New York, it can be difficult finding adequate space for children to run around and play freely, especially in the dead of winter when you need something indoors. At Kids ‘N Shape, we provided sprawling space to accommodate many children for hours and hours of games like Wiffle ball, relay races, kickball, dodgeball, soccer, basketball, contests, and much more. By merely playing energizing games with other children, your young son or daughter can get in quite a good mental and physical work out, plus they can make new friends while they’re at it!

Spring and Summer Events Outside

Typically, gyms are located inside buildings (unless you live in Los Angeles where you might find some boutique gyms with workout areas on a roof). Although Kids ‘N Shape offers most of its activities indoors, during the warmer months, we provide the opportunity for kids to hang out, play games, and even check out a petting zoo or ride ponies outside! One of the ways to give your child the best workout possible is by allowing them to exercise and be outside getting vitamin D and fresh air while they do it.

Something For The Little Guys

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is for children and teens to get in some quality play time and physical fitness every day. However, older kids aren’t the only ones who should be staying active; so, too should your younger children. At Kids N’ Shape, toddler-aged children aren’t going to jump in for a few rounds of dodgeball, but we do offer plenty of other amenities, toys, and play areas for them to take advantage of. Allow your young tyke to climb around on the jungle gym, take a dive in the ball pit, or play with building blocks at our gym that is designed for all ages. We offer all of these activities and more so that your toddler has the chance to discover their environment, learn something new, and get in some quality physical activity too.

Want to learn more about the many amenities and activities offered at Kids ‘N Shape? Or do you have questions related to events, summer camp, birthday parties, or anything else? Contact Kids ‘N Shape, the best kids gyms in Queens today.

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