Kids N’ Shape is One of the Best Kids Party Places Around

No matter when your child’s birthday happens to be, you are probably always on the lookout for the ideal kids party places. After all, planning a party is hard work, and if you can hand the task off to another capable and experienced individual, why not do so?  Lucky for you, there are still some amazing kids party places out there, and they can be found with just a little bit of digging. We believe Kids N’ Shape is one of those amazing places. Kids love our parties, of course, but parents also appreciate our birthday bashes. Here are some reasons why people love using us.

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Exclusive Use

Many children’s party locations hold their parties during regular operating hours. This means the party guests and birthday child must share the entire facility with other customers, something that often leads to mass chaos. We take the chaos out of the day by providing you and your guests with the exclusive use of our facility. This means only you, your guests, and our staff will be in the building during your celebration.

Plenty of Freedom

Kids need to be free to play. Kids N’ Shape recognizes this fact and makes sure to give party goers plenty of freedom during their visit. There is no set schedule for our parties. Instead, we allow the party host to decide when the time is right for games, presents, food, and cake.

Organized Activities

While we do offer young party guests freedom during our celebrations, we also want to be sure everybody is entertained. Therefore, we offer plenty of organized activities as well. From parachute play to kick ball, there is no shortage of things to do in our facility. Best of all, we provide staff to keep things running smoothly so parents can sit back, relax, and enjoy.


If you are looking for easy party planning at its finest, we are the facility for you. Our party packages are 100% inclusive. This means you won’t have to worry about food, decorations, entertainment, or even invitations. We provide it all, including a fabulous ice cream cake, meaning you won’t have to lift a single finger. Your only job is arriving at the facility on time with the birthday child in tow and ready to have a great time.

Affordable Prices

A well-planned party that goes off without a hitch is priceless, and many parents would likely pay a pretty penny to have a such a service. Our all-inclusive party packages are incredibly affordable, starting at just $295 for weekday party for up to 15 kids. Better yet, the birthday child and children under 3 are always free, making it easy to accommodate all of your favorite people, even on a budget.

There are dozens of party places out there that claim to do all of the work for you and provide a great time for the kids, but then fail to follow through. If you end up booking with one of these places, you are often left hanging with nothing in the way of entertainment or no cake to serve eager guests. Because this happens so often, you want to do some serious research before booking anything.

Ready to schedule the ultimate birthday party for your child? We’re ready and waiting to put it together for you. Contact Kids ‘N Shape today, and we will get you all of the information you need to get the ball rolling at one of the best kids party places in NYC.

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