Challenge and Entertain Your Child with a Soft Play Obstacle Course

Are you looking for a fun indoor experience that will get your children out of the house, improve their physical fitness, and entertain them for hours? Then a modern soft play obstacle course should be your next destination. What is a soft play obstacle course? A soft play obstacle course is a series of arranged obstacles that are soft to the touch and designed to be used by children. Sometimes, they are inflatable, sometimes made of structured padding and often a combination of both.

Challenge Entertain With Soft Play Obstacle Course

Each course is designed with a variety of obstacles that your children must navigate. For example, there are likely to be a variety of interiors through which they can crawl, walls to scurry up, and slides to slide down. Some soft play obstacle courses can include simulated wilderness, such as faux rivers, trees, and even ball pits with which your children can engage.

Kids ‘N Shape soft play obstacle courses are designed to accommodate large numbers of kids at once. That means you can utilize them for birthday parties and Kids ‘N Shape summer camps. In fact, they are often used as a reward for a class or group of children. Fitness play birthday parties and the summer camp programs at Kids ‘N Shape feature the use of our soft play obstacle course. Kids love to play together on our soft play obstacle courses.

A soft play obstacle course offers your children a wide variety of health benefits beyond pure fun. In fact, it is hard to imagine any other indoor activity providing such a wide range of benefits to your child. These benefits include:

  • Improved stamina
  • Stronger legs
  • Increased mental acuity
  • Better agility
  • Protection from injury

In addition to our soft play obstacle course, we offer zip lines to challenge your child’s upper body strength, their fine motor skills, and their sense of adventure. Can you imagine your children getting improved physical stamina from sitting home and playing a video game? A trip to the Kids ‘N Shape soft play obstacle course challenges your child both mentally and physically.

A soft play obstacle course is also a great choice for a fitness play Birthday party. So, if you are interested in a soft play obstacle course for your child, contact Kids ‘N Shape. Both our Queens and Staten Island locations feature a soft play obstacle course designed for maximum fun.

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