10 Ideas For An Amazing Children’s Face-Painting Party

It is important to make your child’s party as unique as they are. Throwing a face-painting party is a great way to let each kid show their individuality. Children love getting their face painted, so we put a list of ideas for your next themed party.

Face Painting Party

My Little Pony

If your child loves My Little Pony’s, think about throwing them a face-painting party. You can paint the cutie mark of their favorite pony on their face. They can pretend to be Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, or Rainbow Dash.

Pin the tail on the pony would be a fun game. You can even set up a find the pony game, where the children look for hidden characters. For snack ideas, let them decorate popcorn using sprinkles. Set out a rainbow tray of assorted fruits and veggies. This one is sure to be a hit.


Throw a face-painting children’s’ party for kids that love Thor, Captain America, The Hulk, and Iron Man. Let them paint or color shields and hammers. Plan other fun activities like a zip line, bounce house, and obstacle courses for your little superheroes. For food, think spiderman cupcakes and green Hulk punch.

Fairy Princess

A fairy princess party is great for little girls who love to be girly. On top of using face paint to make pretty designs and crowns, you can also use eyelash adhesive to glue little gems on their face.

Set up a create your own crowns and wands station. Don’t forget the glitter! Serve beautiful tiny cakes and finger sandwiches fit for royalty.

Super Smash Bros

Mario, Luigi, and King Koopa are timeless, and kids are going crazy for the Super Smash Bros video game. Let them choose their favorite Mario Brothers characters for their face. Set up a pin the mustache on Mario station and make an obstacle course for them to get lost.

Cupcakes can be frosted like Goombas, veggie trays can be designed in the shape of firepower flowers, and of course, pizza (Mario’s favorite food).


Kids’ love emoji’s. Paint their favorite smiley on their cheeks, and be prepared by stocking up on brown face paint. Cupcakes are easy to turn into emojis, and if you use yellow cheddar on the pizza, you can make different expressions on them too.


For face painting, make sure to have plenty of neutral colors on hand. Use square sponges to turn the children’s face into pixelated faces. Cut out cardboard to make swords and lamps. The kids can use different size empty boxes to build structures with their friends. Let them be creative while working in teams.

Angry Birds

This party theme is fun for kids who are fans of the Angry Birds game, the Movie, or the Netflix series. Paint their favorite green piggy or their favorite bird on their cheeks.

For this children’s themed party, use empty boxes painted like bricks and wood beams. Let the kids stack them up and throw balls at it. The goal is to knock down the structure like they would in the game. Decorate pizzas with pepperonis and olives to make red Angry Bird pizzas.

Candy Crush

Here is another video game themed party idea your kids will love. Let each child choose their favorite candy and paint it on their face. Set up a candy station where they can fill a container with their favorites.

An obstacle course would be great for this type of party too. Another idea is to have puzzles or create a game that makes to child run to a line and get three of the same item in a row to win.

Heroes, Sidekicks, and Villains

Here is a theme party that is great for every child. Let the kids decide if they want to be the good guys or the bad guys. Set up stations that let them practice climbing, jumping, and throwing. Choose foods that are easy to carry, like pizza and sandwiches.

Monster Mash

Kids love Frankenstein, mummies, and vampires. You don’t need to wait for Halloween to throw a great monster themed party. Have the children choose their favorite spooky monster and paint their face.

Set up a dance floor and let them get down. You can also set up a craft table and picture booth. Serve regular potluck style foods, with a creepy twist. Think hot dogs that look like fingers or stewed eyeballs (slow cooker meatballs).

For more unique face painting party ideas contact Kids’ N Shape.

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