Childrens Fitness Centers Offer Healthy, Valentine’s Day Party Alternative

Even for littlest members of our society, celebrating Valentine’s Day at school can be challenging. There’s the potential for feeling rejected, which the American Psychological Association readily notes can cause long-term damage to many aspects of a child’s health. Plus, all of the heart-shaped cookies and chocolates do not help our nation’s childhood obesity problem either. So what should parents and educators do to help the kids celebrate without getting bogged down in all of the holiday’s negative connotations? How about tossing the traditional Valentine’s Day party out the window and scheduling a trip to our childrens fitness center in Queens or Staten Island instead?

Childrens Fitness Centers Valentine’s Day Party

Having an unconventional, Valentine’s Day party inside a children’s fitness center in lieu of a classroom fete has several advantages. For starters, professional fitness instructors are at the helm, and their goals are to provide age-appropriate, safe activities that foster social confidence, not destroy it. So there is no need to worry about tears being shed over a lack of Valentines. On top of that, parents and educators can choose to provide a nutritious meal themselves or order one from the children’s fitness center’s staff. Consequently, it is easy to sidestep the sugary cookies and candy hearts dilemma too.

At Kids ‘N Shape, we offer parents and educators opportunities to book those types of wholesome, high energy parties year round at our Howard Beach and Tottenville locations. Each family owned and operated location has more than 6,000-square feet of safe, sanitary, fully supervised play space. In addition, professional, physical education instruction and meals are available to groups that want them.

Our meal packages typically include pizza and Carvel® ice cream cakes. It is important to mention that the iconic ice cream company does sell cakes made with Carvelite™. It is a low-fat, low-calorie alternative to their full-fat offerings. A single slice of the low-fat version rings in around 180 calories because the full-fat one tends to contain 250. For this reason, party planners that want to substitute the low-fat version for the full-fat one should let us know well in advance.

To learn more about hosting a Valentine’s Day party at one of our children’s fitness centers in 2015, please contact Kids ‘N Shape today. Our private party spaces tend to fill up fast, especially around the major holidays.

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