Drop-Off Classes at Kids ‘N Shape are designed to improve on a variety of skills for children Ages 5 to 12 years old. All classes are instructed with a NYC Licensed Teacher and will include activities that challenge your child in a fun and playful atmosphere.

  • Self Direction Accepted
  • Comhab Friendly
  • Snacks Permitted (no nut products)


  • Fun ‘N Fit
  • We offer group classes that will challenge your child both physically and mentally while building strength and coordination. This class will be incorporating mindfulness, yoga, and fitness.  Your child will be engaged in different activities to help with awareness, self-control, and self-management. Our class goals are to improve fitness skills, teach breathing activities, and achieve a calmer mindset.
  • Connect With Peers
  • This class is focused on conversational skills, appropriate use of humor, identifying friends, entering and exiting conversations, handling peer conflict and peer rejection. Team building activities, such as playing board games, participating in team sports, doing icebreakers, and problem-solving activities, all help promote social skills.
  • Obstacles & Friends
  • Take our obstacles and friends class to work on taking turns and sharing.  This class will focus on impulse control, sharing, and the ability to read facial expressions and body language (social perception).


  • Collaborative Art & Dance
  • Art can be a form of communication.  Drawing, painting or sculpting with clay allows us to use our senses in order to process the world in a more open-minded, and abstract manner. Dance improves our motor skills, confidence, socialization, body equilibrium, emotional expression, and muscle control, all while making new friends and having fun!
  • Bounce
  • Bouncing improves muscle tone, balance, coordination, and head control. Providing your child with aerobic activity provides a way to exercise and exert energy safely at their own pace. We offer a group setting, allowing for “parallel play” bouncing which helps enhance attentive abilities.

For Parents with Self-Direction: Payment must be to register and will be refunded on day of class

For questions, please e-mail [email protected]

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