Hand in Hand, Helping Your Kids Play With Confidence

Do your kids play with confidence? Many parents just assume that kids know how to play. But this is not necessarily true. Many kids face fears and uncertainty when trying new things on the playground or meeting new friends on the ball field. Other kids are distracted by video games and movies and have lost their desire to stay active. One way to help our children grow in confidence and stay healthy is to play with them. With you by their side, your kids will feel ready to tackle anything. Here are a few ways for you and your child to learn confidence hand in hand.

Play With Confidence

Join your kids on the playground.

It is that simple. Joining in the fun at the playground will not only grow your relationship with your kids, but it will also boost their confidence and help you stay active yourself! Avoid the temptation to collapse onto a bench and stare at your phone while your child is on the swings or the slides. Instead, take time to maneuver each playground adventure alongside your little one. Challenge them to a game of tag. Help them try out new things on the play structure. Do underdogs on the swings. A playground can turn into a world of adventure for both you and your child!

Teach your child how to ride a bike.

Talk about confidence! Learning how to ride a bike requires a huge amount of determination. And, in fact, teaching someone how to ride a bike does as well. But once you see your child pedaling away all by themselves, your feeling of pride and joy will make it all worth it. And your child’s feeling of accomplishment and confidence will be through the roof. Learning how to bike will take some bumps and bruises. It will not be easy. But if you are there to comfort your child with bandaids, hugs, kisses, and words of encouragement, your child is far more motivated to get back on the bike and keep trying. Through your confidence in them, they will learn not to quit.

Play sports together.

It is time to get that old soccer ball out of the garage or to dust off the baseball mitts that have in the basement for so long. Sports offer a simple but effective way to bond with your child and increase his or her confidence. Guide your child gently as they swing a bat or kick a ball. But also let them do some experimenting on their own. Laugh with them. Run around with them. And watch their confidence grow as they learn the joys of playing outside. You can encourage your child to play sports with other children as well; and remember, they will all love it if you jump in and coach! After a while, you may even want to take them on a special parent-child outing to watch a sports game for even more motivation.

Take your kids to the gym.

Of course, we understand that many gyms do not allow young children in, with so much heavy equipment around. That is why Kids ‘N Shape exists. This is a kid-friendly space for all kinds of activities! Young people can play, run, jump, try new things, and have fun to their hearts’ content. At Kids ‘N Shape, your kids can participate in open play sessions, personal instruction, games like dodgeball or relay races, active birthday parties, class trips, and more! The fun and friendly atmosphere is the perfect place to build your child’s confidence as they try new activities.

If you would like to learn more about how to educate your children to play with confidence, contact Kids ‘N Shape today.

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