Fun Self-Reliance Boosting Activities for Positive Childhood Development

Children love to play. It is through self-reliance boosting activities and games that children can learn positive childhood development. What parents do not know is how these little games build confidence in the young ones. Children fancy heroism, and most of their games are about conquest; there has to be a hurdle. Nothing can replace the feeling of accomplishment that a child feels after emerging a winner in a game. The game could be as simple as solving a Sudoku puzzle, but the fulfillment a child gets when they win goes a long way in strengthening their belief in their abilities. Simple activities can nurture a child’s confidence in a major way. Here are ten self-reliance boosting activities that will spur your child’s personal growth.

Self Reliance Boosting Activities Kid On Escalator

1. Break Out The Bubbles

Break out bubbles is a fun activity for sunny days. Make it even more interesting for the kids by making your bubbles at home. Get some fresh air as you have a bubble party in your backyard. Have a competition to see who can blow the biggest bubbles.

2. Go Camping in Your Backyard

Turn off the gadgets and venture out into the great outdoors. Mix it up by planning a treasure hunt. Enjoy nature all afternoon and roast some marshmallows to make your smores in the evening. Have the kids take turns to tell stories and have some quality time reading to them their favorite stories at bedtime. Find some inspirational books; heroes that kids would want to emulate. You can even play skits from the stories and see how their eyes will sparkle with brilliance when they get their parts right.

3. Family Picnic

What’s not love about picnics? Pack some fresh, healthy food, games, and toys, and you’re all set. A great self-reliance boosting activities is to allow your children to plan a hike before the mea’.  Then use their plan it to teach your kids more about being strategic.

4. Family Night

Stimulate the kids’ brains with board games such as Jenga, Scrabble, Sudoku, and monopoly. Afterward, you can transform your home into a movie theatre and watch their favorite movie. Spice this up by involving the kids in making a concession stand and movie tickets. Have some more fun by doing a mock-review of the movie.

5. Grow Your Garden

Teach your kids how to grow their food. Working in the garden gives you the best opportunity to teach them about nature. It also makes them conscious of what they eat. Your kids may not love vegetables, but when you help them pick out colorful and exciting vegetables from the garden, they will enjoy eating them because they own the process.

You can also have the kids plant a tree with their name on a plaque near it. Planting trees with their names on the plaque create lasting memories but also teaches your kids about care for the environment. Also, planting trees is a great way to develop a green thumb.

6. Visit Children’s Museums and Theatres

Most children’s museums and theatres are free. Visit these family-friendly venues and enjoy family time together as you observe their interactions with other fun lovers. Educate your kids while having fun without spending a lot of money.

7. Showers, No Problem?

Do not let some rain put a damper on your spring break activities. Plan some indoor activities such as fashion shows, finger painting, indoor games, creative writing, building collages, and wall art, among others. This will keep everyone busy and their minds off the dreary weather. Most importantly, it will keep the kids away from the television.

8. Play-cation

Build a fort or inspire your kids inner designer by helping them make their own toys and dolls. You can also build an obstacle course to teach your kids about teamwork.

Building a pirate ship complete with a plank will make you the best pirate parents in the whole sea. Have your young pirate crew go on a treasure hunt, and the winner gets the spoils.

9. Music and Dance

Skip the Netflix and have a dance-off with your kids. Play old music and pass down the music-loving gene by telling them the stories behind your love for the songs. Have the designated DJ play some music and play freeze dance or musical chairs as you burn off some calories. Kids love to dance, spice it up with a reward for the best dancer. I bet, they’ll bring out their best dancing moves.

10. Visit The Zoo

Visiting your local animal parks, aquariums, and zoos can make for a fun family outing. It is also a fun way for kids to learn about animals and plants. You can also visit farms and petting zoos near you.

These activities can help your children build self-reliance. Also, these fun activities will spice the holidays and make your family bonds stronger. Involve the whole family and take lots of pictures. Help your children learn and play, and they build their confidence. Contact Kids ‘N Shape for more self-reliance boosting activities that will spur creativity in your children and promote positive childhood development.

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