Kids Won’t Sleep? Try Fitness Play

Does your little one have a hard time sleeping at night? Your child might not be getting enough physical activity. It can be hard to keep your child physically active, especially with television, video games and tablets competing for attention, but it is a great way to help kids drift into dreamland at the end of the day. Fitness play at your local Kids ‘N Shale gym can often help with such situations.

Kids Wont Sleep Try Fitness Play Kids N Shape

Science Says

A study in New Zealand kept track of activity levels for 600 7-year-olds, and the results were that kids who engaged in high levels of physical activity fell asleep faster than kids who were sedentary or moderately active.

The study also revealed that kids who sit still for long periods of time take longer to fall asleep.

Sleep Matters

Many kids do not get enough sleep, and that can cause problems in everyday life. A lack of sleep can interfere with school work, make kids cranky and even contribute to obesity.

Get Them Active

So how do you increase your child’s physical activity during the day?

  • Limit screen time. TV and video games should be taking a backseat to physical play.
  • Sign them up for sports. Kids who participate in sports learn the value of teamwork and tenacity as well as getting great exercise.
  • Visit an indoor play area. An indoor fitness facility encourages kids to be active by offering lots of exciting equipment and getting them into a new environment.

In many cases, you can help your child get better sleep by encouraging physical activity throughout the day. Contact Kids ‘N Shape for fitness play and more information on keeping kids fit.

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