Party Venues Staten Island Welcome Family Wellness Month

Family Wellness Month is just a few weeks away, and all of us here at Kids ‘N Shape excited to offer your family a safe and fun venue to celebrate wellness. Now is a great time to talk to kids about their health and celebrate wellness as a family. There are many ways to celebrate, including eating wholesome foods together and getting some much-needed exercise in our soft play childrens gym. Choose to include our party venues Staten Island as part of your Family Wellness Month celebrations.

Party Venues Staten Island Family Wellness Month

Kids ‘N Shape offer the bets party venues Staten Island. We are easily accessible and offer a caring staff, great party menus and a plethora of play elements designed to promote wellness. There is even a basketball court where families may participate in a friendly game of hoops or horse. Plus, grownups get to accompany their children to the party venues Staten Island for free. Kids ‘N Shape is flexible, you do not have to book the entire facility, we offer fitness play open sessions throughout May 2015.

Each parent should start their children on a healthy start in life. Many parents let their children sit in front of the TV all hours of the day, when instead they should be outside playing, or playing inside. When your child is ill then you should take them to the doctor and just let them get as much rest as possible. When you start your child off on a healthy lifestyle chances are that they will continue those routines as they get older.

Our open sessions at the Kids ‘N Shape party venues Staten Island traditionally last 120 minutes at a time are available most weekdays and even some Saturdays. As is the case with our fitness play Birthday parties, your children’s activities are not restricted during open sessions. Consequently, families can play for as long or as little as they like in each area. So, if your kids want to spend a few minutes speeding across our indoor zip line, a half hour in the bounce house and 30 minutes riding bumper cars, it is okay with us. With all of the play elements available, your kids will enjoy exploring the party venues Staten Island facility. To learn more about celebrating Family Wellness Month at our party venues in Staten Island, please contact Kids ‘N Shape today.

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