Plan Your Visit to a Queens Kids Gym During the 2014 School Holiday Break

If you are like most families, evenings are filled with extra-curricular activities and taking care of household chores. With so much going on, it can be hard to squeeze in time for your children to enjoy active play and exercise. Add to that the fact that Thanksgiving and Christmas mean lots of parties to go to and extra treats to indulge in, and the possibility of kids gaining weight is all too real. To guarantee your children remain healthy and active during the holiday season, plan your visit to a Queens kids gym while they are on their school break.

Queens Kids Gym Winter Break

Some children tend to get physical activity only during PE class. This means that if their school is not in session, your son or daughter is missing out on valuable exercise that could lead to obesity if you are not careful. That will not be a problem when you visit our Queens kids gym, as we’ve designed it in such a way that kids cannot help running, playing and having fun.

Our Queens kids gym open sessions are ideal for children during Thanksgiving and Christmas break, as they include interactive fitness activities that allow them to engage safely in physical activity. These two-hour sessions will get your child’s heart pumping, allowing him or her to burn off extra energy and maintain a healthy weight, even during the holiday season.

We have a wide assortment of age-appropriate activities that are sure to please younger and older kids alike. Choose from playground equipment, sports balls, zip lines and bounce houses, to name a few. Phys-ed instruction is available during all our open play sessions as well.

Ensuring your children stay physically fit now can affect how healthy they are later in life. Don’t get caught in a slump, simply because school is out of session. Instead, contact Kids ‘N Shape Queens kids gym to find out more about open play sessions and keep your little ones on the path to fitness.

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