Soft Play Obstacle Courses May Help Kids With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Can soft play obstacle courses and non-competitive, peer-play sessions help children with autism spectrum disorder? Experts whose work appears in publications like the Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice and the American Journal of Play say, “Yes!” Their published works either directly or indirectly show that tackling soft play obstacle courses with a group may help improve the children’s ability to handle sensory processing tasks and social situations as well as develop their motor skills. Moreover, if the play is unstructured and geared towards creativity, it is typically considered all the better.

Soft Play Obstacle Courses and Autism Spectrum Disorder

At Kids ‘N Shape, we have sensory rich, safe play areas where children with autism spectrum disorder are welcome to integrate with other kids between the ages of K through 12. The play areas are padded, clean and laid out with unstructured activities for mixed age groups in mind. Plus, our founder is a former Adaptive Physical Educator of the Year and has a history of working with sensory impaired individuals. Consequently, the children are welcome to explore the soft, sensory rich areas on their terms, all the while under a responsible, understanding adult’s watchful eye.

During the summer months, we also host day camps at our Staten Island and Queens locations. The day camps include instruction and supervision by qualified people like licensed school teachers. The list of activities extends well beyond our soft play obstacle courses. For example, the kids may enjoy pony rides, water slides, reptile shows, science exhibits and petting zoo. We will have our bumper cars, ride-on toys, inflatables, foam pits and other sensory-rich play elements ready to go as well. To learn more about soft play obstacle courses and other peer-play situations that may help improve the lives of children with autism spectrum disorder, please contact Kids ‘N Shape today.

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