Beat the Heat With A Soft Play Obstacle Course

Those first few weeks of summer are always so much fun, the temperatures are mild, and your kids are so excited to be out of school that they spend hours running around outside each day. Unfortunately, we are entering the doldrums of midsummer when the excitement has died down, and the novelty of being out of school has worn off. Perhaps you need to find an indoor, air-conditioned soft play obstacle course for them to enjoy summer while being active away from sunscreen, insects, and heat exhaustion.

Soft Play Obstacle Course Beat The Heat

Suddenly, temperatures are soaring, and your kids are complaining it is just too hot to play outside. You notice that they are spending less and less time running around and more and more time in front of tv screens and portable devices indoors. When you try to encourage them to do something else they tell you that “It is too boring.”

A soft play obstacle course will have your kids running, jumping and climbing like the did in those ecstatic first few weeks of summer. The obstacles will challenge your kids to push themselves a little harder, competing to see who can get through the soft play obstacle course the fastest. Of course, you are always welcome to join in the fun and show them that mom and dad can still hold their own. Plus, adults are free, so kick off your shoes and bounce off the walls alongside your children.

Kids ‘N Shape has two great locations from which you can choose, Kids ‘N Shape Queens and Kids ‘N Shape Staten Island. You can check out the open sessions calendar to find out what time to stop by either location. Each of the fitness play open sessions lasts for two hours, and we allow 50 kids per session. Of course, you may love it so much that you want to reserve the whole facility for your friends and family to come play with you at your next fitness play birthday party. For more information on safe, summer fun that your kids will love, please contact Kids ‘N Shape today.

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