A Soft Play Obstacle Course Provides a Life Lesson

Once in a while, you read a story that captures your heart and inspires you. A recent article posted on “Yahoo Parenting” about a woman running her son through a soft play obstacle course is one such story. It illustrated the ways that people can surprise you on a daily basis. This mother was taking her son Ivan to his first parade when she noticed a free carnival on a neighbor’s lawn. The neighbor had set up a fun soft play obstacle course, and all the neighborhood kids were playing on it and having a blast. The woman was somewhat conflicted about taking Ivan on the obstacle course because he suffered from a disease that left him with low muscle tone. Physical challenges have been an issue in the past.

Soft Play Obstacle Course

For Ivan, it was a struggle to move up to some of the more difficult items. However, his mother helped him through it as he rolled and slid his way through the obstacle course. He laughed and had fun the entire way, but when they reached the middle of the obstacle course the mother noticed something that made her upset, people were staring at them.

Her initial thought was that everyone was angry at them for their slow pace. She immediately felt like she was about to get chastised by angry parents. People did start shouting, but to her surprise they were words of encouragement. Phrases like “You can do it!” and “You’re doing great!” reached her ears. This immediately calmed her fears, but her stomach sank again when they reached the final climb to the slide, she knew that Ivan may not be able to handle it.

Soft Play Obstacle Course Provides Life Lesson

She decided he deserved the chance and enchouraged him. However, a friendly hand reached down from the top and took Ivan’s. It was the mother of another child. The two of them helped Ivan climb to the top of the slide. With a triumphant roar, he slid to the bottom amongst the cheers of the watching crowd.

The crowed roared and cheered for him and he looked like he had just won a marathon. It was adorable and moving. It made me realize all over again why I love this town. Then we had a snow cone and there was a parade. It was wonderful.

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