Staten Island New Business Series, Kids ‘N Shape of Tottenville

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The Staten Island Live website has posted a review of our Tottenville, Staten Island location as part of their “Staten Island New Business Series”. Kids ‘N Shape provided the reporter with answers to questions regarding our history, products and services and locations. We thank for our inclusion in their “Staten Island New Business Series”. Read more below.

“At Kids ‘N shape, we foster physical activity that is geared toward improving and developing children’s gross motor skills,” said Paul Guarneri, 29, who runs the Tottenville-based business with his brother Robert, 31, and sister, Joanna Guarneri, 24.

The Guarneri family is proud to support the Kids ‘N Shape mission.

“Our father, Robert, opened the business in 1989 and we grew up in it. My father was the real inspiration for the business. He was a physical education teacher for 33 years,” Guarneri added.

“We also have a big open space that has scooters, balls and soft play equipment. A lot of kids are at home glued to their video games, computers and iPads. This is a good way to give them the exposure to the activities a lot of us grew up with that seem to be on the decline,” Guarneri said.

“Childhood obesity is at an all-time high. There aren’t too many places like this to give them the chance to learn how to play.”

The Kids ‘N Shape facilities are designed to improve your child’s motor skills and engage them in open physical activity. Our 6000+ square foot facilities have a variety of equipment designed to create a positive environment where your child will feel comfortable to explore and interact. Open play allows your child to experience independent exploration and develop decision making and social skills. Our uniquely unstructured open play is considered a healthy alternative to video games.

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