Exercise at Staten Island Party Venues Benefits Your Child’s Mind

Do your kids come home from school to piles of homework? Maybe you have a hard time getting them to sit still long enough to complete a task. Or you hope they would take a break from the video games or tablet. You are not alone. Many parents find themselves wishing their children had more physical outlets to play and be kids, without destroying the furniture in the process.  Kids ‘N Shape, the best of Staten Island party venues has the answer.

Staten Island Party Venues Benefit Your Child's Mind

You may already know that physical activity aids brain function but did you know that it can help your frustrated or distracted child become a more satisfied and focused one? New studies show that as little as 70 minutes of exercise a day can improve your child’s brain health, keep their body healthy and increase cognition. But now that children are back in school, there is much more sitting than there was in the summer.

The news that children think better if they move is hardly new. Recent studies have shown that children’s scores on math and reading tests rise if they go for a walk beforehand, even if the children are overweight and unfit. Other studies have found correlations between children’s aerobic fitness and their brain structure, with areas of the brain devoted to thinking and learning being generally larger among youngsters who are more fit.

You can help your child get through all of it more easily with a little encouragement to get moving. Physical play is an important factor in your child’s success inside the classroom, and lucky for you, Kids ‘N Shape Staten Island party venues provides such unstructured exercise for your children.

During the month of October, Kids ‘N Shape is offering scheduled two-hour open sessions two afternoons a week at both our Staten Island and Queens locations. Perfectly timed for an after school drop-off at 3:00 pm, let your kids play safely under our watchful eyes while you run an errand or pick up dinner. Spots cost $10.00 per child and are limited to 50 children per session, so yours will have plenty of playmates without being overcrowded or having to fight for equipment. Sessions end at 5:00 pm, allowing for that proven beneficial 70 minutes of play with time for a break. Need more information? Contact Kids ‘N Shape to speak with a representative.

Sitting in a classroom all day can be challenging for growing bodies. We provide a safe and fun environment for your kids to get the activity they need. Give them the gift of exercise today.

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