The Importance of a Winter Indoor Kids Gym for Health Benefits

As an adult, you know the importance of physical fitness, and for many, it seems like work. Your vision of exercise is pumping iron in a gym along with running on a treadmill, running, jogging or just going for a brisk walk. For kids, being physical means having fun alone or with friends in various activities like sports, dance, playing tag and riding bikes. During the winter season, outdoor activities are limited but getting your youngsters involved in a winter indoor kids gym provides them significant health benefits while enjoying the time spent.

Winter Indoor Kids Gym Indoor Child

Outdoor playtime during the winter months takes a toll on your children. A child that sits in front of the television or engage in hours of video games robs them of physical movement. When the weather gets inclement and frigid, kids often refuse to run and play outside. Studies have shown that kids only burn half the calories in winter as opposed to the summer months. The lack of being physical also leads to stored up energy and troubled youngsters. Opt to engage in a winter indoor kids gym to ensure good health during the hum-drum season of snow, ice and freezing weather.

Keeping your kids active and physical all year long has numerous benefits aside from fun and togetherness with friends. Keeping your children active provides for:

  • Stronger bones and muscles
  • A healthier weight without dangers of obesity
  • A leaner body and control of body fat
  • Lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels
  • Avoidance of type 2 diabetes risks
  • Increased mood booster
  • Better rest and sleep

The Kids ‘N Shape facility can provide your children the physical fitness, fun and activities necessary for a healthful life. They afford a clean, safe, and supervised atmosphere for children of all ages from K-12 that includes open play sessions perfect for a winter indoor kids gym. Additionally, they offer class trips, birthday parties and summer camp. With two convenient locations in Queens and Staten Island, a positive environment for your youngster is easily accessible. We are family owned and operated with convenient hours. Contact Kids ‘N Shape for information and scheduling.

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