5 Reasons to Send Your Child to Staten Island Summer Camps 2016

The benefits of attending Staten Island summer camps 2016 are numerous. Those six to eight weeks out of school during the summer have the potential to inspire, build confidence, teach life lessons and build memories. Staten Island summer camps 2016 are an ideal way to spend summer break. Here are five reasons why children love Kids ‘N Shape Staten Island summer camps 2016 at the Staten Island location for Kids ‘N Shape children’s gym.

Staten Island summer camps 2016 Reasons Kids Love Us

Creativity is Inspired

Throughout the school year, teachers are too often pushed to focus on core subjects. They struggle to find time and opportunities to explore fully the untested areas such as art, physical education, science, sports, nature study, music, or to simply allow free socialization and playtime. At camp, children have plenty of opportunities to explore their natural interests in such things and are required to practice creativity in independent and structured activities.

Distraction from Screens

Let’s face it, most kids come home from school every day and have some screen time. Whether it is a favorite television show, a video game, or even social media, these kids have learned to cope with school stress by coming home and vegging out in front of a screen. They will naturally lean toward the excessive use of screens if they lack excitement during the summer. Kids who attend camp are less inclined to use screens as a coping mechanism for stress, for the simple fact that camp consumes their time with alternatives. Also, they just may find a new passion that can help them cope upon returning to school in the fall, less likely to fall back into the pattern of daily brain drain with screens.

Summer Camp Confidence

Teachers realize that camp offers opportunities that school cannot provide to children who struggle with pressure to perform or who have a low academic self-esteem. At camp, it does not matter if you are in the highest reading level group, or whether or not you can memorize the 50 states on a map and their capitols. You are not going to get a grade on your ability to play Marco Polo in the swimming pool, and will have an equal turn as everyone else in cooperative activities that do not require having read a nonfiction text in preparation. You just choose camp activities that you enjoy doing, and are on equal playing ground with the next camper, so you can just have fun with it. The pressure to perform is off, and many kids who struggle with perfectionism or poor self-acceptance in school have the opportunity to succeed and feel like a star at camp.

Summer Camp Life Lessons

Summer camp enriches children’s experiences and gives them the opportunity to learn life-long lessons that will extend into the future school years. A child who learns the character trait of cooperation at camp can use that skill in her cooperative learning group at school. The boy who learns independence at camp gains the confidence to strive when his homework requires him to practice a new concept in math which his parents may not know how to help him with. Healthy physical activity in camp will help a child learn to value exercise or be more in shape for school athletic teams or clubs. Making new friends at camp paves the way for easier social adjustment when a child transitions to a new classroom and new friends in the fall.

Summer Camp Memories

School creates wonderful memories for many children, but so does camp, in a totally different way. While school memories are often formed by routine (doing the same things with peers, day in and day out, in a classroom setting), summer camp memories are special in a different way. They form from unpredictable moments of excitement, feelings of freedom and independence, new experiences in leadership, or gaining confidence by learning new skills. Educators know that a child who returns to school refreshed and excited by a summer filled with good memories is primed for success in the classroom.

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