Become a Fitness Role Model for Your Kids

Parents strive to set a good example and establish the best eating habits, avoid inactivity, and build self-esteem for their children. The best way to lead is by example. Did you know that it is easy to become a fitness role model for your family? Believe it or not, a healthy lifestyle can both save you time, but also pull your family closer together as it leads your children down a positive path of healthy habits.

Become Fitness Role Model David Kirsch

David Kirsch is a great example of a man who does just this. As a celebrity fitness instructor, Kirsch has not discovered something innovative and new. Instead, the single father of two busy young girls has created a plan as to how simple, everyday lifestyle changes can weave into your schedule. Kirsch lays out the steps in a slow and steady way. He proves just how feasible change can be.

LA Times recently featured Kirsch’s 5-5-5 plan, including seven easy ways to become a fitness role model. Seeing as Kirsch has his hands no less full than the rest of us, his ideas are appropriate, sensible, and realistic. Check out these seven steps and note how you, too, can begin a habit of health-modelling, today. Not only will you feel better inside and out, but your children will thank you for it.

1. Get rid of the junk food. Put options in the pantry and refrigerator which make better choices when hunger strikes.

2. Purchase some fun, new workout and sports gear. If finances prohibit, go to a local thrift store. Talk to friends about what their families may have grown out of or no longer use.

3. Move together! Get your groove on, and plan times the entire family is active.

4. Don’t cook alone. Invite your kids to participate in healthy meal-making.

5. Screen = Still. Limit screen time. Not only will this allow for more activity, but your children will learn the face-to-face conversation and communication necessary to thrive as teens and adults.

6. Splurge moments. It is okay to splurge occasionally and enjoy the flavors of foods which shouldn’t be eaten in excess. Treat your children, but teach them a healthy balance so as to fend off any addictive habits and unhealthy restriction.

7. Be an example, yourself! Live a life that echoes what you are trying to teach. Draw your family closer together and increase confidence by taking care of yourself. Your family will notice and emulate your positive change.

For more ways to engage in a healthy lifestyle, including summer camp, soft play, and more tips on making health a habit, include a trip to your local Kids ‘N Shape fitness play gym. Contact us today, we would love to hear from you and look forward to joining your family.

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