Are You Looking for the Best Toddler Gym in NYC with Weekly Sessions?

With school back in session soon, many parents are actively searching for the best toddler gym in NYC. If you are one of them and have a child between the ages of 18 months and four years, we would be honored if your family would consider our 10-week Toddler Program. Set to take place at our Staten Island location in Tottenville, the 10-week Toddler Program is slated to kick off at 9 a.m. on Monday, September 28rd, 2015. It will run every Monday through Thursday after that until the toddler gym program ends on Thursday, December 3rd, 2015.

Best Toddler Gym in NYC

Each of the three hour-long sessions is expected to end at noon and remember, we are located near major thoroughfares. So, parents with older children will have plenty of time to pick up their toddlers and get back home before the other kids are released from their respective schools.

To keep active toddlers interested, we have decided to divide each session up into one hour-long segment. Bearing that in mind, we will be devoting our time to helping the kids enjoy physical activities, artistic endeavors and early childhood education. All of the segments will take place inside of our NYC Dept. of Education registered, 6,000+ square foot facility.

They will also feature age-appropriate supervision, materials, socialization and fun. As such, there is no need to send a babysitter or art supplies with the children. Our toddler gym program in State Island includes everything the kids will need to learn and have a good time with people their age. Moreover, if there comes a time when the kids must bring something in from home, we will be sure to let everyone know well in advance what is needed and why.

To make things easier for moms, dads, and other legal guardians, we offer three payment options. Fees for our autumn/winter toddler gym in NYC start at $120 per week. Parents who choose to purchase one week of sessions or a single day at a time may expect to pay more. Those fees tend to range from $50 to $150 per child. To learn more about the toddler gym program, please contact Kids ‘N Shape today.

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