Parachute Your Way to a Great Time at the Best Party Places in Staten Island

What dates back to the Renaissance and is more than just child’s play? If you said, “The Parachute” you would be correct. Although parachutes have been around for centuries, it was not until recently that parachute play has become popular at party places in Staten Island. Now they are a welcome part of our private birthday parties at Kids ‘N Shape.

Party Places in Staten Island Offer Parachute Play

We have found that there are many benefits to adding parachute play into the birthday party mix. They help children develop their coordination, communication, socialization, perceptual and gross motor skills. Plus, the games are entertaining, non-competitive and appropriate for a wide range of age groups. As such, even younger and older siblings will enjoy participating in them for at least a few minutes.

At our party halls in Staten Island, parachute games take place in a soft play environment where the kids can feel free to run around in their stocking-clad feet. Before we start the games, we also encourage party goers to remove any potentially dangerous jewelry or apparel that may get snagged on play equipment or injury others. Consequently, everyone will be safe during parachute games at our two locations.

There are a number of wonderful games that may be played with parachutes, and we always welcome learning about more. So, families who have a favorite game that they would like to see included at our party places in Staten Island are encouraged to speak up. We would love to hear about them and add them to the children’s list of available party activities when appropriate.

And because parachute games are such universal fun, parents are also welcome to make it the theme of their children’s birthday parties. There are many party favors and edible treats that would fit in with a parachute theme. Examples include miniature paratrooper toys and birthday cakes. Check out a few parachute ideas some parents posted to Pinterest and you will see what we mean.

To learn more about parachute play and hosting a themed celebration at our party places in Staten Island, please contact Kids ‘N Shape today.

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