Homeschoolers, Make a Play Date at a Childrens Fitness Center for Socialization

If you are a homeschool family in the Queens or Staten Island area, it is important to balance their studies with physical play.  We all remember ‘recess’ in school. Taking your homeschooled children to Kids ‘N Shape childrens fitness center will provide a critical break in the day and allow your children to have some physical fun. Since your kids do not socialize with their peers on a day-to-day basis in school, taking extra steps to ensure they are properly socialized is especially important. Enhance their socialization while allowing them to get in some much-needed play time is by visiting our children’s fitness center.

Childrens Fitness Center Provides Homeschool Socialization

Schedule a play date at Kids ‘N Shape childrens fitness center so that other homeschooled children can get together and take advantage of our 5,000+ square foot facilities that offer a wide variety of fun and activity. We operate a clean, fun and safe environment for children to enjoy physical play and enjoy themselves in, and sessions are very affordable.

Our Queens and Staten Island locations both have open play sessions beginning at 12:30 pm weekdays. By visiting then, you can avoid much of the crowds that come later in the afternoon after public schools have let out for the day. This means you’ll have better enjoyment of our facilities as well.

We know from both research and anecdotal data that homeschooled children can be well socialized, both in terms of learning the social norms of society and in terms of social interaction. Many homeschooled children have large social networks and active social calendars. These homeschoolers are involved in field trips, play dates, ballet or gymnastic classes, group sports, music lessons, homeschool co-ops, and even community college courses or dual enrollment courses in the local public schools, and generally integrate into the university or workplace without a hitch. However, not all homeschooled children are involved in such a wide array of social activities and some do not receive the level of socialization they need. These homeschooled children crave a greater degree of social interaction, and for some their opportunities for social interaction are so limited that they develop social phobias or experience extreme social awkwardness.

Should you want something, a little more formal, class trips are also available. Schedule a group of other homeschoolers to come, and you can enjoy the exclusive use of our facility for up to two hours.

These are just a few reasons why homeschoolers could benefit from visiting the Kids ‘N Shape childrens fitness center. To schedule your playtime, contact us.

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