Interview With Stella, Age 6, at the Queens Kids Gym, Kids ‘N Shape

Stella, age 6, recently attended a children’s birthday party at Kids ‘N Shape, a Queens kids gym with a focus on fun. We interviewed Stella to share the experience from a child’s point of view.

Stella Queens Kids Gym

1. What did you enjoy most about your friend’s birthday party at Kids ‘N Shape?

Stella: First, I really loved the big blow-up slide. It was fun to climb and go down different ways. My second favorite thing was the ice cream cake, and my third favorite thing was the zip-line ride.

2. Did you know you were getting exercise while playing on the slide and other toys?

Stella: No, it didn’t feel like exercise! When my mom and daddy go to the gym, they wear special clothes and stuff. I just wore my regular clothes and didn’t have to follow a leader. I don’t think it was like exercise.

3. Did you learn any new skills while playing at the Queens kids gym birthday party?

Stella: Hmmm…yes. I had never been on a zip-line ride before. I wasn’t sure how to do it at first, but the guy who helped us showed me what to do.

4. Did you meet any new friends at the Queens kids gym birthday party?

Stella: I already knew most of the kids from my school, but there were a few girls I didn’t know before. So, now I have two new friends.

5. What kinds of games did you play at the party?

Stella: We did a funny relay race and some other games that were fun too. There was also a face painter, and I got a butterfly.

6. Would you want to have your birthday party at a place like Kids ‘N Shape?

Stella: Yes!! I already asked my mom, and she said “yes.” I am so excited to have my birthday party here when I turn 7!

7. Thanks, Stella, for sharing your experience at Kids ‘N Shape!

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