Soft Play Obstacle Course Lets Kids Test Their Limits Like American Ninja Warriors

If your kids have seen American Ninja Warrior on TV, they’re probably itching to test their limits on a soft play obstacle course and learn just how strong and coordinated they can be. After watching their heroes run, jump, climb, swing and tumble, they want to see if they have what it takes to match the wild and daring antics they have witnessed.

Soft Play Obstacle Course American Ninja Warrior

Instead of having your kids turn your living room into a chaotic, dangerous obstacle course, why not take them to a soft play obstacle course designed just for kids. Young children love the sense of accomplishment they have as they take on challenges and complete them. While motor skill coordination is developing, you can instill confidence in your children by letting them play on soft play obstacles.

Early exposure to fun athletic environments can instill a life-long love of fitness in your children, who will learn while jumping, climbing and tumbling that accomplishing physical feats is both satisfying and fun. In repeat visits to a soft play obstacle courses, they will enjoy seeing that they have become more coordinated, and the obstacles that were a struggle initially are now things they can fly through with ease.

Kids ‘N Shape specializes in this exact kind of physical fun for kids.  The 6000 square foot gym facilities offer non-stop physical interaction for kids. Open play sessions are available on a first come first serve basis, and you can always view available times on our online calendar.  Open play sessions are affordable, at just $10 for a two-hour session, and adults are always free!

It won’t take long for you to discover that your children just can’t get enough of the Kids ‘N Shape soft play obstacle course.  Then you’ll be thrilled to know that Kids ‘N Shape also offers super fun birthday parties and adventurous summer camps.

For more information on the soft play obstacle course, please contact Kids ‘N Shape. We love seeing kids enjoy fitness challenges!

About American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior is a sports entertainment competition spin-off of the television series Sasuke, in which competitors try to complete a series of obstacle courses of increasing difficulty called “stages”. The series began on December 12, 2009, in Los Angeles, with the top 10 competitors moving on to compete at “Mount Midoriyama” in Japan. American Ninja Warrior succeeded G4’s American Ninja Challenge as the qualifying route for Americans to enter Sasuke.

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