Beat End of Summer Boredom With Childrens Fitness Play at Kids ‘N Shape

It happens every year. Just as summer winds down, the kids start to feel restless. You are home from vacation. You have been to the pool. Your kids have played with all their toys and games and are now complaining that they are bored. What can I do now? It is the time of year when mom and dad are beginning to run low on creativity and patience. Children are spending more time in front of a television screen or video game and less time involved in active, healthy, physical play. All that unspent summer energy can lead to cranky kids and exhausted parents. Well, Kids ‘N Shape has the answer, childrens fitness play.

Childrens Fitness Play End of Summer Boredom

Kids N’ Shape open play sessions get your children out of the house and moving. It is vigorous, engaging fun for children K-12, and it is oh so easy for Mom and Dad! Open play offers unstructured play time, allowing children to engage safely in active play, following their interests but facilitated by trained professionals who are always available to support and encourage your child, ensuring safety. Each open session is two hours of unique, active entertainment for only ten dollars per child. Adult admission is free.

When you bring your family to an open session, be aware that to ensure the comfort and safety of all of our guests, we allow only 50 children on a first come first serve basis. We offer open sessions at 12:30 most Mondays through Fridays and at 9:00 am on the weekends. Please check the calendar for specific availability at each of our locations. Children should be dressed for active fun in comfortable clothing and socks.

Don’t give in to the end of summer boredom! Instead, contact Kids ‘N Shape to find out more about our childrens fitness play open sessions. There is still time this summer to make treasured memories with your family!

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