5 Ways to Employ Childrens Fitness Play This Summer

With summer underway, moms may be feeling a little worried about keeping their kids busy, fit and off technology during these unstructured months. With the increasing accessibility of ‘all things tech,’ and the related tendency for children to be less active, pressure to limit computer time can sometimes seem a crushing task. While a little downtime is a good thing as schedules slow, childrens fitness play and non-tech stimulation remain important priorities toward childhood fitness. In fact, The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that total on-screen time remains under two hours a day. In this spirit, here are some go-to strategies for keeping your kids moving and happy during the more “lazy days.” A visit to Kids ‘N Shape can help with childrens fitness play this summer.

Summer Childrens Fitness Play

Make a Splash.

While water play is always a big hit with kids and a great way to ensure some exercise, not everyone has the luxury of owning a pool. Joining a private pool club, frequenting a public one or even escaping to the beach are great alternatives and something to consider as a must for summertime activity. Places such as these help you enjoy the outdoors in a social setting where other children are present. Pool clubs often offer organized activities for kids and get you out of the house–important pluses for both moms and children. Not up for an outing? Turn to the hose or make water balloons and send those kids outside! There is sure to be at least some running around involved, and exhausted kids at bedtime!

Take It On the Road.

Vacations, mini-vacations, and even day trips are widely thought of as the things of summer. With no interference from sports and school schedules, kids are free to explore and expand their experiences. However, like many things in life, the trick is in the doing. Beyond the yearly summer family vacation, take the opportunity to visit friends and family that you rarely see during busier months. Plan a museum trip and spend the day walking, or check out the local library for any scheduled summer events and activities. Be sure to take advantage of prospects like these by making a list of “want to-do’s” early in the summer and block off travel days on the calendar to discourage everyday interruptions from derailing good intention. Remember that summer is often too short when looking back, so at least one weekly adventure is a great goal.

Keep It Real.

It is easy for kids to interact with friends online and via face time apps and even Skype. However, in-person play remains an important pursuit toward building personal interactive skills and establishing friendships that last. Although adding additional children to the mix can sometimes require extra work for us, caregivers and moms, regular real-time meet-ups are a necessity. Invite friends along on vacations if it keeps your kids more entertained. Learn what is the best level of play dating for your individual child. Having another child around always encourages childrens fitness play. Although you may have a little more running around going on in your house at times, remember it is a good thing as far as summertime fitness is concerned. In this regard, it will beat a day alone on the computer every time.

Double Duty with Chores.

Don’t ignore the chores! Teaching your kids responsibility is just as important in summer months as it is during the year. When kids have more free time, they are free to help out around the house, and this can go far in providing some great moments for interaction and activity. Teach kids how to keep their rooms clean or even sort laundry. It requires some muscle power and hopping around while it gets them away from computers. Cook together. Encourage healthy eating habits while spending time together doing an activity which also gets dinner on the table. And don’t forget the outside! Putting toys and bikes away at the end of the day or even helping mom and dad do some planting can keep kids outside longer and moving, even if for just short periods of time.

Childrens Fitness Play

Consider Joining Open Play Sessions or Summer Camp at Kids ‘N Shape. Facilities like Kids ‘N Shape provides childrens fitness play for when the days get long. While encouraging a love of physical activity through interactive fitness-geared play, it provides moms and dads an inexpensive and easy way to ensure better health for their kids in a safe and clean environment that is fun. It gets them out, moving, off-screen and being a kid. Regular open play sessions offer both impromptu or easy to plan opportunities for fun interaction with other children. Two-hour sessions are only $10 per child! Kids ‘N Shape summer camp options are another way parents can keep their children engaged in wholesome, energetic activity during summer months for longer periods, whether it be for a few days, a week or all summer long. Kids are always supervised by licensed teachers and caregivers and will benefit from interaction and face-to-face play with other area children.

Don’t let your kids look back on the summer with a ho-hum. For more information on childrens fitness play, contact Kids ‘N Shape and put a pep in their step, they will thank you come September. Now relax, and bring on the sun.

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