Your Child Will Never Forget this Staten Island Kids Party Place

We all know the stress that comes with planning a good party, especially for kids. You spend all the time to plan, shop for, and set up the special day only to end up spending more time and energy hosting and cleaning up when it is all over. Well, Kids ‘N Shape wants to do all of this for you. At our Staten Island kids party place, we do not just provide a private facility containing countless activities for all ages; we provide an experience. We all have that favorite birthday we remember from childhood. Well, now it is your turn to create that memory for your child.

Staten Island Kids Party Place Ball Pit

Staten Island Kids Party Place Free Reign

When you host a birthday party at our venue, the kids can choose what they want to do. Between the dodgeball, relay races, kickball, jumping contests, and various other organized activities, kids will be free to roam around and pick the activities they want to experience, even if that means all of them.

Lots of Staten Island Kids Party Place Goodies

At each of our birthday parties, we include everything you need from balloons, paper goods, beverages, ice-cream cake, pizza, and even invitations. For an even more enjoyable party, you can choose to add extras such as party favors, edibles treats like cotton candy, popcorn, and snow cones, or even upgrade to a custom cake.

Worry Free Staten Island Kids Party Place Environment

Sit back and relax. We want you to enjoy your time as much as the kids. Our helpful staff will make sure you have the time to sit down and watch your kids with ease. So go ahead, mingle with the other adults, take a breather, and enjoy watching the smile grow on your child’s face.

An Everlasting Staten Island Kids Party Place Memory

Our birthday parties are already pretty special, but here at Kids ‘N Shape, we provide a variety of extras to make your child’s day even more memorable. Make it colorful by adding face painting, make it silly by adding a clown or magician, and make it memorable by adding our special photo package that includes professional photos put on a disc for you to enjoy for many years to come.

Sounds like the party just right for your child huh? Well then, go ahead and take the first step and contact Kids ‘N Shape today to get your party started.

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