Open Sessions Provide Fitness Play for Children This Summer

By now the countdown has begun, and parents all over New York are preparing for Summer 2016. School is out and kids are in… but do not let them stay in for too long. It is no secret that youths today are becoming increasingly accustomed to playtime with technology, and Kids ‘N Shape is ready to break that habit with fitness play for children. Summer is a time for fun, excitement, and exercise.

Fitness Play for Children

Kids ‘N Shape offers birthday party packages, summer camps, and class trips for schools. They also provide fitness play for children open sessions nearly every day at both the Staten Island location and the Queens location. There is nothing more fun for children than an impromptu visit to a place that welcomes energy, curiosity, and enthusiasm.

Boredom is not a concern at open sessions at Kids ‘N Shape. Activities will seem endless to your excited child. Equipped with a bouncy house obstacle course, bumper cars, ball pits, and a zip line, there is no other place quite as special.

Looking for more traditional play? Absolutely. Kids ‘N Shape also has full court basketball, a soccer playing field, and air hockey. There is a healthy, safe, entertaining form of exercise for every child at Kids ‘N Shape. Screens don’t give you that!

All open sessions run for two hours and cost only 10 dollars per child (adults are free). Kids ‘N Shape also provides complimentary water, apple juice, and coffee. Fitness play for children open sessions at Kids ‘N Shape are both safe and clean. They operate on a first come, first serve basis, and the cap is fifty children. Because of this, the space does not become too congested, and our staff can safely supervise your children.

Building healthy habits in families is the best way to ensure your child’s needs are met. Let us all take a break from screens this summer and choose to run around some more. You might just find yourself enjoying the excitement, too.

Please contact Kids ‘N Shape for more information on fitness play for children.

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