Make New Friends at Queens Summer Camps 2016

Summer camp is a wondrous American pastime; an opportunity for children to develop cherished friendships, safely test their independence and explore new and exciting hobbies. We at Kids ‘N Shape understand the tremendous value of summer camps, and so we are delighted to offer Queens Summer Camps 2016, seven engaging sessions of Monday-Friday day camps, each with its weekly theme. Children attending camp will receive t-shirts, complete art projects, and be provided complimentary daily snacks. Camp also includes weekly wave water slide, gym, dance, and karate instruction.

New Friends at Queens Summer Camps 2016

Why Day Camp?

Summertime is meant to provide a much-needed break for children who work hard in school all year long. However, the last thing children need is to watch television or play video games for the entire summer, and if the heat is keeping your children indoors, this often ends up being the case. We also understand that parents do not always have the availability to stay home with their kids and ensure that they are using their bodies, brains, and creativity each day. Not only does summer camp challenge children in a fun and low-pressure environment, but camp has also been shown to increase kids’ self-confidence.

According to the American Camp Association:

Ninety-six percent of campers say that “camp helped me make new friends,” and 92 percent say, “Camp helped me feel good about myself.” Seventy percent of camp parents say, “My child gained self-confidence at camp” (ACA, 2005).

Not Every Child (or Parent) Is Ready For Sleep-Away Camp

Some children struggle with homesickness, and if they have a poor experience, they might be too far from home to feel safe. Summer is also a great time for family activities and bonding, and you might not want your child away for the season. Day camp is the perfect alternative. Your child can spend the day away making new friends and having unique experiences, and then they get to come home and tell your family all about it over dinner.

We know your children are going to love camp, and here is some bonus information for the parents: camp is instructed by licensed New York City teachers, and there are early drop-off and late pick-up options to help accommodate your daily schedule.

For more information about each week’s theme, rates, and more contact Kids ‘N Shape directly. We look forward to hearing from you.

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