Childrens Fitness Play Is Fun Without a Screen

Summer vacation is well underway, with still a few weeks between now and the first day of school. Kids are indulging in popsicles, forgetting the sound of their alarm clocks and late night sleepovers. Moms and Dads are beginning to run out of activities to occupy the longer days, growing anxious for morning drop-off and an uninterrupted cup of coffee. Childrens fitness play can come to the rescue.

Fun Without a Screen, Childrens Fitness Play

This is the time when handing over a tablet seems like the quickest way to occupy a bored child. Unfortunately, it is also the exact reason why a tablet has become the default for parents everywhere. A study commissioned by Common Sense Media reports 38 percent of children are using tablets and smartphones before they turn two years old. Tablets have become fun for children. Only this type of fun is keeping them stagnant for hours. It comes as no surprise that according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity in children has doubled in the last 30 years.

The phrase “Go play”, no longer holds the same meaning as it did ten years ago. To someone raising children now, this meant playing dress-up, riding a bike, or chalking the driveway. Children’s fitness play has become more important today than ever. Getting our kids active is no longer something that happens naturally. As parents, we must make the extra effort to get our children moving.

For parents, coming up with creative activities is an all-consuming task. Kids ‘N Shape does the work for you, providing a clean and safe environment for kids to get moving and have fun. As a parent, you feel comfortable allowing your child to explore at Kids ‘N Shape. Kids ‘N Shape provides children interactive attractions to work with a child’s motor skills and get them active in a monitored environment. It is the perfect place to try if you are looking for childrens fitness play to catch the interest of your child. You can leave knowing you gave your kid some screen-free fun and a healthy dose of childrens fitness play. Contact Kids ‘N Shape today.

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