Childrens Fitness Play, More Than Physical Fitness

Kids ‘N Shape Indoor Playgrounds began with the goal of building an enjoyment of physical activity in an environment created for childrens fitness play. Over Kids ‘N Shape’s 25 years, the lessening of physical education classes in schools and growth of more sedentary activities, like video games, have created a crisis in children’s health. Physical activity does increase brain activity, as teachers and schools have long been aware. Active children have been proven to be better learners. However, active play can provide so very much more.

Childrens Fitness Play Physical Fitness

While kids engage in fun, physical play at Kids ‘N Shape, they build gross motor skills. Throwing and catching a ball, builds hand-eye coordination. Kicking a ball across the room, develops coordination and large muscle control. Children, also, build problem-solving skills, cooperation, and prioritizing. As they practice new skills and become more and more capable, they become confident. How wonderful to discover that I-can-do-it feeling! Playing games can, also, build social skills. Children take turns, give and receive help, build and use new vocabulary.

Look at our childrens fitness play equipment and the activity choices on our website, and stop by our Queens or Staten Island location for a visit. Then imagine the thinking, learning, and problem-solving that a child engages in while playing at our facilities. Your children do not know they are learning. They just know they are having fun.

Back in the ‘old days’, parents told their children to go out and play, and the children took it from there. They created their games, decided on the rules, learned how to be successful, fell, and tried again. Children learned from each other and taught each other. At Kids ‘N Shape, we provide a chance for your children to have that fun, active, unstructured play. For you, we provide the assurance that our childrens fitness play activities are supervised, are clean, and are safe. If you have questions, please contact Kids ‘N Shape and come play today.

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