Party Halls in Staten Island and Queens, Perfect Places for Playgroups

Playgroups are an excellent way to provide children and their parents opportunities for socialization. If you are hoping to start one, consider selecting our party halls in Staten Island or Queens. They are perfect places to launch, as well as host, routine playgroups. Here is a brief look at how to start one at either one of our two locations.

Party Halls in Staten Island Playgroups

Book Party Halls in Staten Island or Queens to Introduce the Playgroup

Book a private session at our party hall in Staten Island or Queens location. They have everything you and the rest of the playgroup’s parents will need to occupy the kids’ time. Plus, we have adults on staff willing to help with on-site supervision and group play activities. As such, parents will be able to socialize with one another while the kids play.

Choose a Catering Menu for the Kickoff Playgroup Event

We also work with two area caterers, Long Island Bagel, and the Towne Deli & Pizzeria. They have great party platter options suitable for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner play dates. For example, you could serve assorted bagels alongside various cream cheeses or a tray full of different hot hors d’oeuvres. Beverages are available as well.

Choose Extra Activities for the Introductory Playgroup Meeting

Our private playgroup parties may be customized to include other things too. Examples include magicians, clowns, invitations, party favors, decorations and paper products. Oh, and we will handle the cleanup when your private playgroup is through. So there will be no need to ask parents to help tidy up the place.

Invite Others and Promote the Playgroup on Social Media Platforms

Once you have, the introductory playgroup event planned, send out the invitations and promote it as much as possible. Use your favorite social media accounts and send potential attendees links to our information on Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and Twitter. They will help give the other parents a feel for everything that our party halls in Staten Island and Queens have to offer.

Choose an Open Session Schedule for the New Playgroup

At the introductory playgroup, work with the other parents to establish the group’s rules as well as set a monthly play date and time. We would like to suggest choosing one of our party halls’ open sessions. The sessions take place year-round and last two hours. They also include physical education instruction for playgroups that may be interested in their children’s motor skills development. To learn more about open and closed sessions at our party places that would be ideal for area playgroups, please contact Kids ‘N Shape.

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