Queens Summer Camps 2016 Offer Long-term Benefits for Everyone Involved

Queens summer camps 2016 are more than just places to park the kids for a few hours. Studies have shown that allowing children to participate in such programs offers innumerable benefits to both parents and the child. Perhaps an article that once appeared in The Journal of Play said it the best. The authors of the 24-page piece alluded to many summer camp benefits. Their list included advantages meant for the general population as well as special needs children.

Long-term Benefits Queens Summer Camps 2016

For one, participating in a summer program opens up doors to social skills development and fosters a sense of community. And those opportunities do not have to end with the summer session. Often, friendships made during Queens summer camps continue well throughout a person’s life, and that includes the bonds made between adults. The potential for long-term bonding is not the only benefit associated with unstructured, socialization.

Years of research have shown it also improves cognition, self-esteem, and motor skills, frequently more so than structured play. Of course as Ph.D., Michael Ungar, pointed out in a Psychology Today article a few years back, these benefits are not assigned to all Queens summer camps. The ones most beneficial to children and their parents must meet certain qualifications. Otherwise, the full extent of the experience’s advantages is likely to be missed by all parties. What are some of the qualifications Dr. Ungar mentioned?

Understandably, it is a mix of things, starting with the appropriate environment. Let us use our Queens summer camps 2016 as examples. They take place in a unrestrictive but safe environment complete with qualified adults at the helm. Our NYC Department of Education registered summer camp is staffed by college educated, family-centered adults with experience in child development. So they help ensure the 6,000+ square foot play area is clean, uncluttered, safe, sanitary and well-lit at all times.

Staff members can help mediate conflicts and steer children to other activities when needed. Refreshments are also available at our Queens summer camps 2016. Thus, the body is fed as well as the mind. To learn more about this and the other elements that make our Queens summer camps great, please contact Kids ‘N Shape today.

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