Childrens Fitness Play Makes Spring Break A Blast

With another Spring Break just around the corner, your kids are probably looking forward to the time they will have to relax and enjoy themselves. You might be thinking that without plans to get away, having kids at home all day long may be a lot to handle. It is true that your children have a lot of energy to burn up, and your house may not be the ideal place for them to spend their entire day. The Kids ‘N Shape gym offers childrens fitness play, so you have a safe place to allow your kids to burn off all that extra energy.

Spring Break Childrens Fitness Play

We can help alleviate your concern about what activities to find for your children during spring break. They can have a blast and stay in shape over spring break instead of sitting at home watching too much tv, eating too many snacks and playing too many video games. You can help your kids stay active by letting them engage in children’s fitness play at either our Staten Island or Queens Kids ‘N Shape locations. Kids ‘N Shape is a premium children’s gym, where kids can run, leap, bounce and achieve their fitness goals on our interactive fitness attractions. Your children will have so much fun playing they will not even realize how much they are learning to love exercise and seeing improvements in their gross motor skills.

Spring Break can be especially challenging if you are co-parenting. Divorced and separated parents find themselves needing to agree on who will be spending time with the kids and how. We can help with that challenge by providing a safe and supervised environment for your children to play in. As you play with your children in our uniquely designed kids gym, you will create bonds to last a lifetime. Our open play sessions are designed to be accessible, and we feature two convenient locations.

Whatever your plans are for Spring Break, keep in mind that what children want most is to spend time with you – this becomes even more important for kids moving between two homes. Whatever time you are spending with your children this Spring Break, give them your full attention and make the most of it. If they are spending time with the other parent, let them enjoy it and be sure to ask them all about it and show that you are interested in what they’re doing when you are not together. Make sure they know you fully support their relationship with the other parent and that their happiness is what really counts.

Check the Kids ‘N Shape fitness play open sessions calendar to find out when open play sessions are taking place. Each open play session lasts for two hours, and adults are free, so you are always welcome to play alongside your children. Make this year a Spring Break your children will never forget, bring them to Kids ‘N Shape.  Contact Kids ‘N Shape today and find out why we are Queens and Staten Island parent favorite Spring Break destination.

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