Staten Island Childrens Gym Is a Great Place to Celebrate St. Patty’s Day

Staten Island has long been associated with the Irish. It was where many of Ireland’s immigrants came after the Potato Famine to make new lives for themselves. Moreover, many stayed on to build robust communities that continue to thrive today. So this year, why not host a leprechaun size, St. Patrick’s Day party at our Staten Island Childrens gym? You will be at the heart of a region rich in Irish pride, and the kids will have an opportunity to engage in a sport Ireland is known for, soccer. Historians widely agree that Irish lads and lassies have been kicking the ball around since the 1800s, over there, they call the sport football.

St Patrick's Day Staten Island Children's Gym

At our two Kids ‘N Shape locations, we have indoor soccer playing fields complete with nets. As such, the kids can practice their moves or play a full-fledged game like their Irish ancestors. After all, everybody has a little bit of Irish in them at this time of year, right? If they do not want to play Irish football, you could introduce them to exercises that are used to build muscles in Irish dancers as well as kids who enjoy hurling, camogie, handball, and rounders. We offer other sports and our in-house, XBox Kinect setup.

In addition to the Xbox Kinect setup and soccer field, we have a number of other diversions that will help make your Childrens St. Patrick’s Day complete. The list includes, but does not end with sit-down scooters, air hockey, bumper cars, basketball court, bounce house, a zip line and 40-foot long, soft play obstacle course. We have professionals on site that will help oversee the kids and teach them how to exercise safely.

After the kids are done playing, you may opt to stick around and enjoy a pizza party. The pizza party includes soft drinks, and you could always request some green toppings to reinforce a St. Patty’s Day theme. To learn more about fitness play open sessions and book a St. Patrick’s Day event at our Staten Island childrens gym, please contact Kids ‘N Shape today.

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