Engage In Childrens Fitness Play And Make Your Kid A Hero

What was your childhood like? Chances are, you remember running around with your friends, creating new games to play, begging your parents to let you stay outside longer. What are your children doing today? You may say that your child is actively involved in sport, or maybe your child does not engage in physical activity at all and would rather play a video game. Either way, growing up has changed dramatically in the last twenty years. Now more than ever, childrens fitness play is integral to the health of your children.

Childrens Fitness Play Makes Kids A Heroes

So what is the reason for this change in childhood? The simple answer is play. Our children engage in play much differently than we did growing up. When I was growing up, no one could stop me, I felt independent and free while I was outside enjoying time well spent with friends. I did not have someone watching over me constantly. Even if your children are already engaging in sports, chances are the sport is structured and organized. Structured play is not a bad thing and can be beneficial to childhood development. However, if structured activity overshadows the free playtime of children, it can be detrimental. So now, how do we get our children to start engaging in fitness and play?

Allow Your Child To Engage In Free Play

This includes giving your child at least one day to do whatever he or she wants. This can mean staying indoors and doing something creative like building a fort out of blankets, or this can mean going outside and playing cops and robbers with friends. Alternatively, allow your child to enjoy a two-hour fitness play open session at Kids ‘N Shape. We can help balance the structured play in their lives.

Allow Your Child To Make Mistakes

Mistakes are a part of learning, which allows the child to think for themselves. Without a sense of autonomy, a child will never begin to develop problem-solving skills or their creative ideas. Allow your kids to fall every once in a while; they will learn how to get back up. In addition, this allows children to test their personal boundaries. They will learn what hurts and how far they can push their bodies.

Childrens Fitness Play, Lead By Example

Children often mimic their parents. If the parent is eating junk food, chances are the child will want junk food as well. Keep in mind that your healthy or unhealthy habits will reflect on your child. Living a healthy life does not necessarily mean structuring a strict workout and diet regimen, especially for your kids. Allow your child to grow up independently of your worries about the world. Allow them to explore all of the wonders of the world; this will lead children to develop a healthy mind and body.

Learn more fun and exciting health and fitness ideas for you and your children by contacting Kids ‘N Shape today.

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