Looking for a Non-Toy Holiday Gift Idea? We Offer Childrens Gym Gift Certificates

Parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends are all on the hunt for the perfect holiday gift. A toy may get a great initial reaction, but it only takes a couple of days before kids toss it in the box with the rest. Parents know that it does not take long for the latest toy to lose its charm. Think outside the box this year and give a gift that is fun, perfect for this time of year, and promotes a healthy lifestyle. If you know a child in the NYC area, a gift certificate to Kids ‘N Shape childrens gym is the perfect choice.

Childrens Gym Gift Certificates Holiday Season

The cold weather is already here in New York, and that means there are fewer opportunities for children to get outdoors and expend some of their energy. An indoor play place is a great solution to this problem. Kids ‘N Shape provides a safe, clean environment for kids to come and play. They will have a blast navigating a soft obstacle course, riding down a zip line, and climbing a mountain of soft blocks.

When visiting Kids ‘N Shape, kids know they are having fun, but adults can rest assured that their child is getting the exercise they need to stay healthy. As they run, climb, and play, they are developing motor skills that just can’t be done while sitting home watching television. Not only will children be building muscle, burning fat, and gaining coordination skills, but they will get to practice social skills. As they play together with other children, whether it is taking turns going down the slide, competing in an obstacle course or playing a game in the ball pit, they will strengthen their interpersonal abilities.

So as you think of children on your holiday gift list, consider giving them the gift of fun and health this year. A gift certificate will allow them access to run, play, and explore our 6,000 square foot indoor facility. For more information on buying gift certificates as holiday gifts, contact Kids ‘N Shape childrens gym.

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