Your First Choice in Entertainment for Children’s Birthday Parties

Children’s Parties are often portrayed on television as being chaotic, mostly for comic effect. However, there is a kernel of truth to the idea that inviting the neighbor kids over can be challenging, not to mention risky for your home furnishings. The whole process of planning, shopping, decorating and clean-up aside, what do you do with the party guests while they are there? The idea of a birthday party can be quite daunting with all the choices in entertainment for children’s birthday parties. There are those who would sooner face a raging herd of marmots.*

Entertainment For Childrens Birthday Parties

A better idea would be to enjoy a stress-free birthday party at Kids ‘N Shape. Our staff of fitness experts is well trained in the science of FUN. Your party is sure to be an exciting event that will be the talk of all their friends.

We enjoy presenting your party, and know each party is special. That is why we only have one party in progress at a time. Reservations are a must. Everyone deserves the royal treatment at Kids ‘N Shape! Our parties are kid-tested and have been approved by children all over Staten Island and Queens.

Kids ‘N Shape parties are a blast! Plus, your guests will be getting some great exercise while they play. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the fun while we take care of your party details. Of course, the birthday child is always free.

We have costumed characters and several choices of entertainment for children’s birthday parties. These characters are available for enhancing the event with face-painting and balloon animals if you prefer. You may enjoy snacking on an assortment of great refreshments as you watch your child, and their guests have a rip-roaring rootin’ tootin’ time of their lives.

Your kids will be eager to try the zip line. They will jump for joy in our bounce house. The entire facility is at your disposal when a private event is scheduled. That means that you can enjoy a sense of security for your guests.

Contact Kids’N Shape as soon as you can in order to guarantee availability and book your event. We eagerly encourage planning ahead. Everyone will be satisfied, and your party will be all you need to ace that award for hero parent of the year.

*Note: No marmots were harmed or otherwise made to appear undignified.

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