Keeping Winter Blues at Bay, One Party at a Time

Keep those Winter Blues at Bay, one party at a time. The weather outside is frightful! So goes the traditional holiday carol. Winter has come roaring in now that we are in December. Soon schools will release their children for the break. Moreover, they will be under foot at a time when you’d prefer that they would rather be somewhere safe. We consider it our mission to provide a local place for children to have a good time and enjoy a social experience that cannot be matched by everyday outdoor playgrounds.

One Party at a Time Keeps Winter Blues at Bay

Kids ‘N Shape is a place where kids can run, bounce, pretend, giggle, dance, play, and experience numerous activities. Here at Kids ‘N Shape, that is what we are all about. Our children’s gym provides a healthy, fun, and warm atmosphere for those cold winter days.

We are the exclusive providers of our unique fitness play experience. Our two Kids ‘N Shape locations (Staten Island and Queens) are conveniently located for access by New York City residents. Your children will love coming to play at Kids ‘N Shape indoor children’s gym.

We are fun! We have unique play areas that will stretch your child’s imagination. Your kids will meet and make new friends in a secure environment. Our fitness play programs and birthday party packages are designed with children’s developmental skills in mind. We present quality activities that are age-appropriate to skill level of your group. Our fitness play Birthday parties are without peer.

Kids ‘N Shape is open every day of the week! Private parties are welcome as we feature one party at a time. Contact us to check rates and scheduling. In today’s fast-paced world, it can be challenging to find a place to slow down and spend time with your kids. The chills of winter make it difficult to spend time outdoors. We know it can be tempting to collapse on the sofa. Visit Kids ‘N Shape and create memories that will last a lifetime.

You owe it to you Kids to spend quality time together in their early years. We see the bonds that are forged by spending time at our indoor kids gym. The closer you can be to them as they develop their life-skills, the better. Generate those fond memories you will both cherish as your children enjoy their early years, contact Kids ‘N Shape today.

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