Children’s Parties 101, Entertainment for Childrens Parties

The first time you plan a birthday party, the thrill is new. In fact, everything is new! Eventually, it becomes more challenging to find fresh ideas. If you are looking for entertainment for childrens parties, one of the most popular birthday party trends for 2017 is healthy fun with lots of movement. Here are some great ideas for movement-rich party fun.

Entertainment For Childrens Parties

Interactive Theatre: The guest of honor will most likely have a favorite movie or story. Take party-planning beyond just a theme that features favorite characters on a cake. Set aside a space designated as a stage, provide props and costumes, then let party-goers take turns re-enacting different scenes from the story.

Creation Station: Children of all ages enjoy arts and crafts. Crafting requires movement and the flexing of creative muscles. It can also take the movement theme beyond the creation station. Select a craft that will require the children to continue moving once they leave the party. Make kites, butterfly nets, insect catching kits, etc.

Spy Mission: One way to keep children moving is to send them out on an important mission. Create evidence tags that are hidden throughout the designated party area. Start with a mystery and let the kids follow the evidence until they crack the code!

Dance Party: Have a dance party with a purpose. Select a couple of traditional dances that will capture the imagination of the children. Have a few props to enhance the experience and let kids learn cultural dances, like the Hula, or party favorites, like the Bunny Hop.

Throw-Away Cameras: Social media has everyone loving to snap photos non-stop. Renting photo booths is also a popular modern party trend. However, kids love having their very own throw-away camera. This gives each child the opportunity to create lasting memories they can take home, develop, then enjoy and share later. Children will have a blast playing photographer with their cameras.

Forget Planning: The best party plan may be to forget planning! Select the right venue, and the kids will entertain themselves.

Outdoor Venues: Here are some of the best outdoor park options in the Staten Island area:

  • Willowbrook Park: This is a great place to enjoy the outdoors with picnic areas, barbecue grills, and several playground areas. What may excite young party-goers the most may be the Carousel for All Children, fully accessible for everyone and featuring 51 hand-carved animals to choose from. There are also hiking trails and a 5-acre lake that allows catch-and-release.
  • Miller Field: This park has plenty of wide, open space, perfect for flying kites. Picnic areas feature kid-size table options. There is also a wetland feature that offers great bird-watching opportunities. For guests who can stay long after the party is over, Midland Beach is within walking distance if they want to take a dip or sunbathe.
  • Clove Lakes Park: If you want to enjoy a water excursion, this park features rowboat and paddleboat rentals. There are two playgrounds and, if a winter party is on the calendar, an outdoor ice-skating rink.
  • Indoor Venues: Parents always need an indoor option for party planning. Staten Island has some of the greatest places for kids to enjoy being the guest of honor indoors and still have plenty of room to play.

RollerJam: This is a great venue for children’s parties with older siblings in attendance. It has a bouncy party option in addition to a modern skating rink. Hurrah! Everyone is happy! Little ones bounce while older ones roll. Moreover, all ages can enjoy the arcade together.

FlyHigh: Speaking of bouncing fun, this indoor trampoline party place takes a bouncy castle to a whole other level. Book a party here and enjoy New York City’s first indoor trampoline park where kids can flip and bounce to their hearts’ content, safely landing in pits of foam cubes.

Kids ‘N Shape: This in-demand party place for kids is popular for many reasons. Safety and supervision are just as much a part of this venue’s philosophy as fun, fitness, and play. The positive vibe can be felt throughout all play areas that feature ball pits, bouncy castles, sporting activities, and zip lines.

Book your Kids ‘N Shape kid’s birthday party today. Contact Kids ‘N Shape for more information on how to plan the perfect party with exciting entertainment for childrens parties of all ages.

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