Fight Boredom at Kids ‘N Shape Childrens Fitness Center

What are the three words a parent hears so often that it haunts their dreams at night? “I am bored!” – yes, those are the ones. Those three little words can drive a parent to their wits’ end. A children’s fitness center can alleviate that boredom. We know children tire so quickly of the ordinary old playground; board games become dull after one round, and playing soccer in the backyard with Mom is only fun for so long. Who would have thought one of the biggest challenges one could face in their adult life would be entertaining a child? Before you find yourself desperately trying to build an obstacle course with cardboard boxes and duck tape, let us offer you a simpler alternative.

Childrens Fitness Center

Kids ‘N Shape is a state-of-the-art childrens fitness center with convenient locations in Queens and Staten Island. Kids ‘N Shape offers something to capture every child’s interest. Little thrill-seekers can feel the wind in their faces on our very own zip line designed for children while a more laid-back adventurer can use their imagination to build a castle from foam blocks. No parent wants to see their child sitting in front of video games all day, but for those children insistent on getting their fill of gaming, we offer a healthier compromise. The Xbox Kinect is set up for gamers to enjoy a full-body workout while playing popular sports games.

Kids ‘N Shape offers many activities to keep boredom at bay, including:

  • Bounce houses with obstacle courses and slides
  • Ball and foam pits
  • Sports “fields” for games such as soccer and football
  • Air-hockey
  • Zip line

The Kids ‘N Shape facilities are clean and safe environments that fosters a healthy lifestyle for children. Our activities offer children a chance to interact with peers while learning how fun it is to get off the couch and move. Parents certainly won’t hear any complaints of boredom at Kids ‘N Shape. After such a fun-filled day of excitement and exercise, parents may even (dare we say it?) finds their little ones asking for a nap!

Feel free to contact Kids ‘N Shape for more information about our exciting fitness center.

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