Kids ‘N Shape Features Fun Entertainment for Children Parties

Birthday parties are special events, and the honored child and guests can enjoy specialized entertainment for children parties, and exclusive use of the facility of more than 6,000 square feet. Kids ‘N Shape is filled with a variety of equipment that engages them in interactive activities that improve motor and social skills while creating fun. The Birthday Child and children under age three are always FREE.

entertainment for children parties magician

The parties can include up to 60 people who will enjoy pizza, ice cream cake, drinks, and balloons as well as the activities. Food extras can include cotton candy, popcorn, or snow-cones. Party favors can be goody bags of toys or sunglasses and hats.

Choose from a wide selection of additional entertainment for children parties such as a costumed character that goes along with the theme of the party, pony rides, waterslide or other offerings.

Face Painting Entertainment for Children Parties

Face painting is amongst one of the most popular activities at children’s parties. Butterflies, dogs, cats, fairies, stars, flowers, ghosts, witches, wizards, hearts, balloons and other designs might be offered as well as removable tattoos. Any of those will make kids happy and delighted with what they see. The painting might be done freehand or with the use of face painting stencil to make quicker and more uniform design.

Balloon Animals Entertainment for Children Parties

Balloon animals made by balloon twisting is another huge crowd pleaser. Popular ones are the fundamental dog, a giraffe with a long neck, a deer, tiger and others. Birthday guests and their parents will be amazed at how quickly a balloon artist can make these cute animals.

Clown or Magician Entertainment for Children Parties

A clown or magician will delight with merriment and elaborate magic tricks combined with witty patter and storytelling that will leave guests mesmerized and rolling with laughter. There will be laughing, cheering, constant amazement and lots of audience participation.

For questions or more information about Kids ‘N Shape entertainment for children parties, please visit Kids ‘N Shape Queens, Kids ‘N Shape Staten Island or contact us via our 24/7 online form.

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