Kids Fitness Programs Create Lifestyle Habits for Healthy Futures

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the past 30 years has witnessed a startling increase in childhood obesity, doubling in children and more than quadrupling in adolescents. Children and adolescents who fall into these statistics are much more prone to cardiovascular disease, prediabetes, as well as bone and joint issues. Additionally, overweight children are more likely to become obese adults, facing even more serious health concerns down the road. Fortunately, kids fitness programs instill healthy lifestyle habits for all children, regardless of their current body type.

kids fitness programs create healthy futures

Before the advent of technology, children were far more likely to entertain themselves with a variety of activities at the playground or park. While technology has certainly added many positives to society, children still must move for their whole well-being; in fact, an exercise program designed specifically for kids offers many advantages to their physical and emotional health.

Many adults feel that their physical exercise is a chore, but successful exercise programs for children revolve around the playful nature that is inherent in childhood. Purposefully interactive activities, like those associated with recess or gym class, engage children while supporting healthy movement. Indeed routine physical movement offers many benefits to the participant’s health, including:

  • healthy muscle and bone development
  • a leaner body that is less prone to becoming overweight
  • a decreased risk of type 2 diabetes
  • lower blood pressure and cholesterol
  • a more positive emotional outlook
  • deeper sleep patterns
  • an increased ability to handle emotional and physical stresses

While each of the above advantages represents immediate responses to childhood exercise, the healthy habits that are inculcated in a childhood routine are sure to provide lifelong advantages. Children are programmed to learn, and just as they learn other skills, they can learn to appreciate the positive emotional and physical advantages offered by physical movement.

Kids ‘N Shape’s goal is to offer a safe, interactive environment that provides parents and children with the tools necessary to instill a passion for movement at an early age. Please contact us today to discover the variety of experiences that will help set healthy habits for the future.

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