5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Party Place for Kids Birthday Parties

Planning a birthday party for your child? Are you looking for the best party place for kids? Here are five questions every parent should consider when deciding where to book your child’s next birthday party.

Party Place for Kids Includes Pizza

Entertainment for All Ages?

Many birthday parties include a wide range of children. You have the birthday child and classmates who are all about the same age, but in addition you potentially have younger and/or older siblings, cousins, and family friends. You want children of all ages to have a good time so you will desire a venue that has activities appropriate for a wide range of ages.

Private or Public?

It can be frustrating having a birthday party for your child at a facility that is also hosting birthday parties for 4 other children at the same time. Often it is crowded with kids bumping into each other. Birthday parties with large numbers of children often find it difficult to keep track of party guests when multiple parties are occurring simultaneously. Find out if other parties will be occurring at the same time or if non-party guests will have access to the facility at the same time. Ideally you will find a venue that is closed to the public during your party.

What does the party Include?

Parents should verify they understand precisely what their child’s birthday party will include ahead of time. Are invitations, paper products and decorations, like balloons, part of the package or extra? Do you have to provide your own pizza, cake and drinks? Do they include any organized activities such as relay races or kickball or is it just free play the entire time? It is best to understand all of these details before you book a party. If you are responsible for providing the food, paper products and invitations this will mean more work and expense for you. Also, the most memorable aspect of a birthday party is often the organized activities so consider selecting a facility that offers them.

Are Extras Available?

If you ask your child, they may tell you they have one unique thing they want included in their birthday party. Some children want face painting whereas others have a favorite character they would like to make a guest appearance. Additionally you may find that you want extras to be taken care of for you such as party favors or food for adults. Check with the potential birthday party location to see if extras are available.

At the Kids ‘N Shape party place for kids we offer the following advantages:

  • Entertainment options for all ages so everyone attending has a fun time.
  • Kids ‘N Shape is closed to the public during your party. Your party will have free rein of the facility.
  • We include paper products, balloons, invitations, pizza for kids, ice cream cake. You unwind and let us handle of all aspects of the Birthday party.
  • Organized activities such as relay races, dodgeball jumping contests and kickball are offered to make the party more interactive and memorable.
  • Numerous extras are offered including party favors, face painting, balloon animals, costumed character, magician, clown, pizza for adults, extra food, and more.

To read more about hosting your child’s next birthday party, contact Kids ‘N Shape today, we are the premier party place for kids.

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