Staten Island Summer Camps, Keeping Kids Active This Summer

With the end of the school year here, it is the time to figure out how to keep your children engaged and busy this summer. Families often think a relaxing summer playing at home will be ideal until about 2 days into summer vacation when the kids start saying “I’m Bored!” Parents want their children to stay active throughout the summer and not be lying in front of the TV or playing video games. Children are used to the structured schedule of school and often find it boring to have days without any plans.

Staten Island Summer Camps, Keeping Kids Active

Sending your son or daughter to day camp is a wonderful way to counteract boredom and unplug from electronics. Here are 5 other advantages of day camp for kids:

  1. Fantastic Summer Memories. Day camps will offer memorable experiences for kids that your children will be bragging about long after returning to school in the fall.
  2. Allow Kids to Make New Friends. Making friends is a skill needed throughout life. Attending day camp, your child will be exposed to children he has not met previously allowing him the opportunity to navigate building friendships. Camp experiences often help children become more socially confident.
  3. Teaches Resiliency. Often at summer day camp kids are exposed to activities that they do not typically participate. Perhaps they play new sports like soccer or football or they are able to attempt something entirely different as a zip line. At first they may be intimidated and afraid, however they will persevere, learning that they can do what they put their mind too.
  4. Allows Parents Personal Time. Maybe you need to work or go grocery shopping or chores around the house. With a bored child at home, you cannot accomplish any of these things. With a child, busy at day camp, you will have hours to take care of your tasks without interruption.
  5. Gets Kids Active. Kids need time away from technology. With current obesity rates is obvious that children need to be moving. Summer day camps offer active alternatives to TV and video games that your kids will enjoy. In addition children at summer camps are introduced to activities they may have never participated in before such as karate, gymnastics, and dance. They may find they love one of these activities.

If you are interested in Staten Island summer camps for your child check out Kids ‘N Shape which features:

  • Licensed NYC teachers
  • Weekly themes such as dinosaurs, summer Olympic games, summer Halloween party, rodeo with pony rides and more.
  • Includes daily snacks, t-shirts and art projects.
  • Fitness activities such as karate, gymnastics, dance, weekly wave water slide, inflatables, wheeled toys such as scooters, basketball, soccer, zip-line, and ball and foam pits.
  • Extended hours are available from 8am to 2pm.

For more information about our active summer day camp opportunities, contact Kids ‘N Shape today.

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