What to Look for in Party Places for Kids in Queens, Staten Island

When you are looking for great party places for kids, the market can seem saturated with gimmicky solutions that will lead your child and their party guests to either boredom. Even worse, many party options can inadvertently contribute to the growing obesity issue facing our children. Neither of those makes an engaging, memorable and healthy party. The good news is today there are are memorable and healthy alternatives for party places for kids.

What to Look For in Party Places for Kids

Make a Memory

Ask a group of adults what their favorite birthday was as a child, it is likely that every answer will involve an unusual party where they had fun, played with friends, and it probably involved quite a bit of physical activity. It seems we’ve fallen out of the tradition of giving our kids parties where the fun comes from physical activity, rather than from expensive gifts or video games.

Have a Healthy Party

By engaging in play that involves physical activity, two goals are achieved. The children both have fun, and they exercise. Both physical exercise and group enjoyment are proven to be better not only for the children’s health, but also for their brain. A study out of the Institute for Medicine proclaims that fun physical activity also has a demonstrated impact on a child’s performance in school.

A strong body of research supports the link between physical fitness and test scores. In one study, for example, nearly 2,000 California schoolchildren who were outside a “healthy fitness zone” — a 12-year-old who took longer than 12 minutes to run a mile would be outside that zone — scored lower on state standardized tests than those who were more fit.

Kids ‘N Shape provides a fun and healthy outlet for your next party through their fun and safe play area. We offer activities such as parachute games, relay races, ball games, kickball and more. Our two 6000+ sq ft facilities are designed to create a positive environment where your child will feel comfortable to explore.

On top of a great play area and fun games, all parties come complete with paper goods such as plates and cups, balloons, ice cream cake, pizza, and even invitations that your kids can hand-out before the event!

Contact Kids ‘N Shape today for more information or to make a reservation for your child’s next party. Kids ‘N Shape is proud to offer the best in Queens party places for kids and Staten Island party places for kids.

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