For Home-School Families, the Best Kids Party Place is Also a Great Choice for Fitness Fun

If you homeschool your kids, you are not alone. Research confirms that homeschooling continues to grow each year in the United States. Many parents who decide to homeschool these days, focus on the academic at the expense of the benefits that come from free play. Did you know that an indoor gym like Kids N’ Shape is an excellent option for homeschool families? Taking homeschool kids to the best kids party place can improve a variety of skills.

Best Kids Party Place Home School Family

Homeschooling is a full-time job while also being one of the most rewarding endeavors a parent can experience. A big challenge faced by many home-schooling families is finding ways to include physical fitness into the school day. Since your home does not have a gymnasium, baseball field or soccer field that the local school utilizes, it becomes a huge question for the parent-teacher: where can we go to get out of the house and be active?

Picture this. You and your kids have tackled the daily lessons, accomplished some household tasks, had lunch together, planned ahead for next week’s teachings, and now it is time to get outside for some physical activity. However, the kids are complaining. They are bored in their yard or tired of visiting the same playground at the nearby park. Or perhaps today it is raining, and everyone has been cooped up all day, still needing to run off that boundless energy.

With Open Sessions available for kids of all ages, Kids ‘N Shape is a perfect option for families who are looking to include physical fitness to the weekly homeschool routine. The unstructured play setting allows for freedom of movement and self-directed interaction.

Numerous research studies have linked physical activity to improved academic performance. It makes perfect sense. When the human body is active, it is oxygenated. Oxygen is circulated to every part of the body, including the brain. A nourished brain can focus, concentrate, store information, problem solve, recall, and continue to grow.

Physical activity also calms the nervous system while helping a young body be calm. The more exercise you can get into your child’s day, the easier it will be for them to sit still when you need them to, such as during lessons, meals, appointments or church.

At Kids ‘N Shape, you kids will not only get the activity their bodies and brains need, but they also have a unique opportunity to socialize with other kids in over 6,000 square feet of open space. They are not just running off all that energy; your kids are also developing social skills, interacting verbally, improving motor skills and making friends.

We can be your perfect opportunity for physical activity or maybe even a fun homeschool field trip. Reward them for their completed lessons this week with at trip to Kids ‘N Shape. Our Open Sessions are two-hours of playtime with some organized activities which are lead by our friendly staff in a clean, safe environment you will feel good about. And, adults are always free with their child’s admission.

Are you involved with other home-school families? Looking for homeschooling social gathering opportunities? Look no further! Rent one of our great Kids ‘N Shape facilities to host your home-school party or gathering. Have the entire facility to yourselves and enjoy organized activities directed by our enthusiastic staff. Activities include kickball, whiffle ball, dodge ball, jumping contests, relay races, parachute games and more!

Another perk of Kids ‘N Shape for home-schooling parents – it gives you a much-needed break. Parents often spend the majority of time planning and following through with the daily activities of your child(ren). We hope you will take advantage of our two-hour Open Sessions to free your mind, knowing they are running, climbing, sliding, interacting, socializing and learning.

Kids ‘N Shape has locations in Queens and Staten Island, conveniently located near major highways. View our Open Session Calendar to plan your visit. Contact Kids ‘N Shape today.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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