Find Easy Party Planning at Kids ‘N Shape

Are you looking for easy party planning? Planning a children’s party can be a daunting undertaking. Parents must consider a theme, activities, decor, invitations, and refreshments. And with so much variety in children’s interests these days, finding a venue that is suitable for all ages and skill levels is quite the challenge. Enter Kids ‘N Shape. At Kids ‘N Shape we make it easy to plan your youth celebration or party. With activities geared to children from toddlers to teens, we can customize the perfect event for your kids.

Easy Party Planning

Kids ‘N Shape will help you every step of the way as you plan the perfect party for your children, their friends, classmates, or teammates. Consider hosting a birthday or an end-of-season team party at our invigorating and dynamic facility. When we book events at Kids ‘N Shape, we close our doors to outsiders and reserve the entire space for you and your guests. We will provide drinks, pizza, and cake for your attendees and we even have the paper goods to make dining with us easy and effortless. And don’t fret about the decor. Our Kids ‘N Shape facility is clean, bright, and filled with vibrant party color. Although our space is already a party waiting to happen, when preparing for your event we will add balloons to create that festive environment that your children will swoon over!

At our private parties, the staff of Kids ‘N Shape will lead activities so no need to plan games or hire outside entertainment. We have everything from parachute play to relay races and tons of sports games to keep the kids occupied and engaged. Children will enjoy bouncing, sliding, and climbing on our safe inflatables and interacting with our floor wedges, mats, and toys for creative play. The zip line is available for daredevils and children can enjoy basketball, whiffle ball, and dodge ball if they’d like. Guests will never be bored at a Kids ‘N Shape party.

With so much to offer, Kids ‘N Shape makes it easy for parents, coaches, or troop leaders to plan the perfect event. The host has only two responsibilities; sending the invitations and creating goodie bags. And guess what? Kids ‘N Shape provides the invitations! You just have to mail or pass them out to your guests! So, let’s talk goodie bags. When you host a party at Kids ‘N Shape, you are offering a healthy and fun outlet for children to move their bodies and get fit. So why not create a goodie bag that matches the intentions of your party. A goodie bag with a game such as paddleball or a jump rope is a nice complement. And rather than filling the treat sack with junk candy, how about offering Gatorade or fruit snacks for a healthy alternative. Sports-themed treats are also suitable. Consider bouncy balls, sports stickers, or participation ribbons for your guests. At Kids ‘N Shape everyone is a winner so make that goodie bag as good as your party!

Finally, have fun! The parents at a Kids ‘N Shape party will have complimentary coffee, convenient seating, and access to the play area so that you can interact with party-goers. Don’t forget to wear appropriate clothing in case you get caught up in a game of kickball or refereeing a competitive air hockey match! And be sure to have your camera or phone charged and ready to capture those exciting moments when your child comes tumbling down the inflatable slide or kicks the giant soccer ball into the net. You’ll love the photos that you take at a Kids ‘N Shape private party.

So take the party planning pressure off of yourself. Contact Kids ‘N Shape to book your next exciting and unique event for children of all ages. We will take care of the guests, activities, and even the cake! Let us help you make memories for your family and friends.

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