Find the Best Child Party Place Near Me, Learn The Power of Temporal Landmarks

Did you know that celebrating birthdays goes beyond the joy of eating cake and getting gifts? Research has shown it has the potential to influence how we remember our past and shape our future. We know, it sounds far-fetched at first but hear us out. These events are called temporal landmarks.  Let’s take a quick look at temporal landmarks and what they have to do with the best child party place near me.

Best Child Party Place Near Me Temporal Landmarks Children

Good Times, Good Behavior

Temporal landmarks are how we process time. For example, we traditionally associate Memorial Day Celebrations and high school graduations with the start of summer. We also say things like, “It was the birthday before I got my bicycle,” or “It happened after our 50th wedding anniversary” to help put other events in context. Believe it or not, researchers say these timeline markers are more important than that. They can also impact our behavior.

Check out this study in Management Science. It primarily focused on how people use the start of a new year to make changes in their lives. Let us see a show of hands. How many of you have made New Year’s resolutions? See, we thought so. Regardless of whether or not you kept those resolutions for very long, the point is you thought enough to make them. However, does this importance extend beyond making short-term plans?

Celebrate, Remember, Repeat

Researchers touted by the American Psychological Association seem to think so. They published an article in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology which specifically mentioned the importance of birthday celebrations. Apparently, such celebrations are invaluable when it comes to developing a sense of self. They help with the development process by establishing feelings of self-worth. Also, science has shown that celebrations often help bolster our memories.

Did you know that children as young as 24 months can remember their birthday celebrations? They may not be able to talk about it like a 5 or 6-year-old, but the chances are that they remember at least part of the festivities. Cornell University writer, H. Roger Segelken, once talked a bit about this in one of his social and behavioral sciences’ articles as did Krystine I. Batcho in an issue of Psychology Today. This brings us to the best child party place near me.

Make It One for the Memory Bank

Given the crucial nature of temporal events and children’s ability to remember good times, is it not wise to choose the best party places to host family celebrations? We think so and have a few tips for making celebrations even more memorable. First up, select a children’s party place that makes social interaction for all comers easy as possible. After all, research has shown that even infants may benefit from watching others play. Second, make sure best child party place near me touches upon all of the senses. Why? It is generally seen as one of the best ways to foster memory recall at any age.

In that regard, Kids ‘N Shape is one of the best child party places around. We have got safe, sensory rich, conveniently located environments ready to go when you are, and our party packages are affordably priced. So you can count on the event being memorable and motivating for all. Also, we are open to working with area entertainers who may help bring more fun into the mix.

To learn more about using the science behind celebrations to help kids grow, please contact the best child party place near me. We have fully insured locations in Staten Island and Queens. They are both open daily and registered with the NYC Department of Education.

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