Kids Party Places are Perfect for Reducing Screen Time Related Concerns

In January 2018, Reuters Health published a piece about a problem that has been discussed many times at our kids party places in Howard Beach and Tottenville. What problem is that you may ask? The short answer is electronic media consumption among children. It has been rising and not without negative consequences.

Kids Party Places Reducing Screen Time

Motor Development Delays Are Likely

Sadly, many children are plopped in front of a screen as early as one year of age. As many kids health experts point out, that is the age when children are developing their range of motion and other motor skills. Obviously, screen time does nothing to increase a child’s range of motion beyond the hands, providing that the toddlers are capable of using a mouse or touchscreen. As such, it is not hard to imagine that it could potentially lead to delayed motor development.

Sleep Deprivation Adds to the Mix

The Reuters Health piece that we mentioned did not cover that subject though. Instead, it cited a study connecting usage to sleep deprivation. It is a serious problem to be sure and is not exclusive to young people. Parents and the elderly experience it as well. However, sleep deprivation in young people is often seen with a long list of related comorbidities, including one we have not mentioned yet. It is overeating.

Coach Bob Worried About Obesity

It should go without saying that as a kids’ party place in New York City, we are equally concerned with child obesity. We have to be concerned with it because as the New York State Department of Health as previously pointed out, 75% of our city’s children have weight problems. In our book, that is just too much. It is also one of the reasons why Coach Bob founded our kids’ party places business back in 1989.

Of course as Coach Bob knew back in the 80s, staying active was not going to be enough for New York City’s children. They needed to have healthier food choices too and that included party menu selections. As such, he made sure that his kids’ party places offered nutritious alternatives to sugar-laden fare, including pizza. It is one of a few kid-friendly foods that are still offered at our party place locations to this day and we will tell you why.

Keeping Coach Bob’s Vision Alive

As a premier party place in New York City, we stay true to Coach Bob’s vision. Accordingly, we see it as our duty to provide families with healthy, non-electronic ways to get fit and have fun. We also focus on teaching children other skills excessive screen time cannot provide, namely face-to-face interaction and real-life socialization. All of this is available for less than what many parents pay for online subscriptions and kid-friendly, electronic devices.

Individual or Group Alternatives Offered

To counteract excessive screen time, we give parents the option of choosing group or individual pricing. The group pricing is for birthday parties, summer camps, class trips and other special events whereas individual sessions are part of our open sessions. Moreover, yes, group sessions may be customized to accommodate New York City children’s’ needs.

As for the open sessions, they are truly self-explanatory. As the name suggests, they are open to all families in New York City and the surrounding areas. The times vary, but like the group sessions, they include access to our interactive attractions. Our list of interactive attractions is quite comprehensive, and all items on it are meant to engage children ages K through 12 in active play. To learn more about them and how Coach Bob’s philosophy may help families reduce their children’s screen time, please contact Kids ‘N Shape kids party places today.

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